Hi Faithful Bloggers Readers! I am Leslie from "From A Daughter". Today I would like to ask you, "Wrud for Chirst?" Texting is one of my favorite activities if someone will actually text me. I am not very text savvy but, I do know a few sayings. One I recently found is "Wrud?". I didn't know what that meant till right before the end of the year. One of my friends text me and was like, "Wrud?" and I had to ask him what that meant! LOL (See I do know some text language and for those that don't know what "LOL" means, it does not mean "Lot's of Love". It means "Laugh out Loud")

Basically "Wrud?" means "What are you doing?". Well, that is exactly what it means. When someone text me now I almost always some where in the conversation say "Wrud?". It has almost become a bad habit.

So, Wrud 4 Christ? Yep, I asked you! NO not the picture behind your desk, YOU! In translation "What are you doing for Christ Jesus?".

So "Wrud?" Are you smiling at a stranger when they look like they are having a rough day? Yes, that small gesture can be used for Christ. It can show people how Christians are kind people, which is often not true in some non-believers eyes.

Going to Church

Are you going to Church weekly? Yes, just walking out your door can be used for furthering God's Kingdom. Just look at your neighbors. Yes, those people you never talk to but, live right across the street and always sit on their porch at 10:30 each Sunday morning. Well, if they don't talk to you and you don't talk to them the best way for them to know that you are a Christian is by your actions. If you are kind to your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother while you are at home, they know you are good people. Same with if you go to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night or Wednesday night. They see you are faithful to something and will probably get nosy and go find out what you are doing.

Praying for Your Food

Are you bowing your head to pray for your meals at restaurants? Yes, people watch for that! I even watch for that as I'm sitting at a restaurant. I remember one time me and my sister were out with my Grammy when we were younger and a man came up to us while we were eating and said what a blessing it was to see us pray over our meal and how he has noticed how that is a rarity. And it is! Not on Sunday because everyone is out of church and going out to eat but, on the weekdays you hardly see it. So next time you sit down to a meal just take a minute to pray over your meal. You will be surprised how many people you can bless by doing so.

The little things vs. The big things

These small things are a wonderful way to spread the Gospel but, there are some more time consuming things you can do as well. I don't think of a person less cause they don't do these things cause' some of them I don't do myself.

Get involved in a Choir

A wonderful way to spread the gospel is to get involved in your local church choir. Now if God has not given you the gift to sing then it is probably not meant for you to be in a choir. But, if he has then go for it! If you don't feel comfortable singing in front of people, then stand in the back like I do! Yes I feel like God has given me some singing ability but, I don't like to sing in front of people. So I stand in the back. Choir is NOT for everybody. So do what you think is the Lord's will.

The Bus Ministry

Now this one can be a crazy effort but, WELL worth it when you see those faces. This is something I love to do and encourage anyone who can to do it! Okay so you are probably asking "What is it Leslie?!". Well, its the Bus Ministry. Some churches have them and others don't but, if yours does please get involved with it! If your church doesn't look into starting a bus ministry, it will be well worth your churches vans, gas and money. You can't put a price on a soul!

My family has been heavily involved with the Bus Ministry all my life. Me and my Dad are now active in the Bus Ministry. Ever since I was a little girl I have always understood the importance of Luke 14:23 "Then the master told his servant 'Go out unto the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled'". That verse tells me that if you have a the gift of being a servants heart and are able to "go out unto the highways and hedges" then you should. The bus ministry allows me to do so.

Like I said in the last paragraph my family has always been apart of the bus ministry in some way. The bus ministry is very close to my heart cause' if it wasn't for the bus ministry I would have never meet pretty much all my friends. Yes, most of my friends are "bus kids" if you want to put it that way. I don't think of them in that way, they are my friends. My best friends in fact!

Another reason I love the bus ministry is because I can be apart of kids lives and hopefully see them accept Jesus into their heart one day. That is the greatest blessing to me is the salvation that comes with going out and picking up these kids. That is how you can further the Kingdom.

Reading Your Bible

Reading your Bible can further the Kingdom. Now I will admit I have a problem with this one. I find it hard to find time everyday but, I do try to. I have always been encouraged to read my bible once daily but, I tend to fail. That is one thing I plan to work on.

It is a way to further God's Kingdom because if you know more about your bible you can answer more questions that people have and through that they can become more interested in Christ.

I want to leave you with a challenge. I challenge you to go and ask yourself "What am I doing for Christ?"

About the Author: Leslie is a young woman just trying to make the world a better place. She blogs at "From A Daughter"(http://fromadaughter.com) where she shares the gospel from a daughter of the one true King. God has blessed Leslie with this gift of blogging and she hopes you will come to "From A Daughter" and be truly encouraged.