Work Stress Can Pack On Pounds


StressWork related stress is something that can produce dismal consequences as far as your health is concerned. There are many people who have a tendency of responding to work deadlines, financial crisis, relationship meltdowns and similar challenges by eating less. At the same time, there are others who look for comfort foods to deal with this stress. This condition may lead to an expanded waistline. Why stress leads to weight gain: Overtime will not necessarily expand your wallet but could definitely add to the inches in your waist. You are more likely to pack on unwanted pounds when you experience stress at the workplace. Emotional eating is responsible for weight gain because when you are depressed, you start eating more junk foods and exercise less. You are constantly fatigued and lack a good night’s sleep which contributes to weight gain. There is a reason for weight gain when you are stressed.

When the body experiences stress, it releases cortisol or the “death hormone” this in turn increases the appetite and contributes to belly fat. This phenomenon is because of our body’s natural tendency to store fat reserves to combat stress. The fat cells also release an enzyme HSD which boosts cortisol levels further and contributes to more fat storage.

Symptoms of stress: Some of the common symptoms of work-related stress are increased appetite, sudden food cravings, decreased bone density, increased body fat, increased anxiety, reduced muscle mass, impaired immune response, learning impairment, increased menopausal effects etc. The body starts to store visceral fat around the middle portion. This fat lies deep inside the abdomen and is known to trigger both diabetes and heart problems. The fuel which muscles need is sugar which is derived from carbohydrates and this sugar can be moved into the muscles with the help of the hormone insulin. However, high insulin and sugar levels basically prepare the body for fat storage. This is why people experiencing a lot of stress gain a lot of weight.

Dealing with stress:

  • When you do not have time to go to the grocery to pick out healthy foods, you tend to reach out for high calorie snacks like chips and cookies at home. You must make an effort to cook healthy low calorie meals at home using essential ingredients which are necessary for your overall growth and development. You can make use of cookbooks and websites to prepare simple meals using easy recipes.
  • When your body craves for sweets, processed foods and salty snacks, you should consciously choose high fiber snacks like oatmeal, whole wheat toasts or light microwave popcorn. Signing up for reputed meal delivery services like Nutrisystem can help you eat portion controlled meals so that you do not overeat. Nutrisystem coupon sent out by the diet service help you save money on orders. Generally the meals have balanced nutrients, low calorific and low fat ingredients and are delivered home. Therefore, your concern of cooking a nutritious meal everyday for yourself is taken care of.
  • You have to take some time out to exercise regularly. Exercises will release endorphins that have natural stress-battling properties. You can look for ways to keep yourself physically active. You could also start practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing or yoga.

These are some easy ways to avoid weight gain because of stress at the workplace.  Deadlines will always be there but if you are not careful, you will end up gaining pounds when stress levels escalate. You have to find ways to deal with stress before it takes control over your body.

Jessica Robert is a fitness enthusiast who actively blogs on interesting diet and fitness related topics. Her website suggests hassle free dieting methods to the readers.