There are ups and downs to everything. Changes just like the seasons, some we like more than others. Winter is not my favorite- clearly. The lack of sunshine does me harm. The sad thing is that even when its out it doesn't give off that same warmth as it used to. I'm dying for spring; I'm dying for the radiant sun and the cooling of the ocean water. Not this, not the way it's been. Winter is beautiful though. How everything slows down. The way you walk out your door after a winter storm, and before you moan and say, "ugh, I have to shovel all this, you stop and ironically hear the silence in the air- a quiet you don't hear anywhere else except in the dead of winter. That place.

I wonder if God uses nature to teach us his lessons. I assume he does. I assume he uses life to do the same as well. Not only in seasons, but in our relationship with others; parents to children, the people we love and the one we're in love with- I see it too often. You can't shut out his voice even if we don't acknowledge him as we should. We feel he is far from us, but I've come to the conclusion that we are far from him. If only we should speak to him and things would change, if only we should speak to him, mountains would move. Its easy to say and write even but I'm coming from a cold, quiet place, a place where my spear and shield are drawn, a place where I have to drop what's in my hands, breathe and give it up. I don't have to fight. I can be mad, I can throw a hissy fit and say, "why, why did this have to happen," but the point is- it happened and the real point is as long as I turn to God, who else can right a wrong, who else can bring an injustice into justice, the dark exposed to light.

I want to worship, more than song can sing, more than prayers can say. I want to bask in the quiet and give all the love my heart holds for the creator of everything. Throughout everything I will say, it is well with my soul, it is well, because it is well- just hold on and speak to the deep love that dwells in you. Day by day walk in the miracle of his love, his provision and the rest will follow.

My name is Melissa and I'm 22 years old; I'll be married in a few short months- July 2011. I started my blog, because I love to write and I love to read. It developed, however, (since I chose to write about some aspects of my life) into a devotional and I'm glad this happened. I, not only vent about what's happening in my life, but I realize as I write the ways in which God strengthens me, the way he sees us, and the lessons I can learn from the things that occur in my life. This is simply my journey and I'd like to share it.