Why I don't wear "cute" clothes to church (anymore)

Once upon a time I would rock a tailored suit and the latest heels in a heartbeat. Pearls have always been my gem of choice, and a soft wrapped coiffure would complete my conservative classy style. My husband wore the basic black suit with an ensemble of ties, and my kids dressed from the Sears catalog. We had "church clothes" down to a science. Until.... We took a job in outreach ministry. We had to leave our precious church and move to another city. We found a church we loved but it was VERY different. We became members of "blue jean/ rock'n roll" church. In the beginning I found it appalling that people rolled out of bed and came to church "just as they were!" I had always believed that you give God your best, and we did. We wore our suits because that was our best. And of course, that made us Holy and Blessed.

Eventually, my family settled in and all conformed to casual wear, but my suits were designer. I vowed to keep a high standard. It was Mothers' Day and I had a new peach taffeta suit and fresh pearls. My hair was freshly cut and styled and I had pearls on my shoes. I, was rockin' that "1st lady look!" And I knew it!! Then my blue jean rock'n roll pastor had a revelation from God. He felt like somebody's momma needed a hug! Ugh! Did he not realize that I had a $100 MAC face on? AND that I was SUGAH sharp?? No time for hugs, just looks buddy....you're wearing jeans, YOU hug somebody.

So to keep up appearances, I half hugged my husband and kids. Then the lady in front of me turned with a warm smile and gave me a big ole bear hug. She smelled of dirty clothes and unwashed hair. She was sweating so much that it left mark on the sleeves of my suit. She had not bathed and it was obvious. As she let me go, her rancid scent canceled out my Vera Wang. I stood in awe of her, then took my seat. I began to laugh profusely as I sat nauseated on the third row. I could hear the Lord immediately say, "It's not about you, it's about me."

I am usually a pretty fast learner, but when that winter white pant suit with a flared leg and cuffs called out to me, I had to submit. I debuted it with gold hoop earrings and a gold Nicki Minaj eye. I wore it to a church we visited and was feeling quite glamorous until.....my 3 year old baby boy had to potty.

I took my well dressed baby love to the bathroom where he proceeded to pee all over me. I'm talking full bladder, full frontal. I still don't know how he missed the ENTIRE toilet, but he did. Again, I laughed. I began to tell God, "I know, I know, not about me!"

So needless to say, when I see that beautiful dress in the window or those tight heels in the mall, I say no. It's not what God has in store for me during this season of my life. I will wait patiently on his perfect will, THEN I'll rock the lampshade hat ;)

It's how I was razed...

Author Bio I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and lover of God. I am a Pastor's wife, Tennessee born and bred, loving God and loving people. I'm growing daily in His grace. For more information visit me on the web at http://razingdawn.blogspot.com