Why God Wants You Wealthy

Being rich is not selfish. Wanting to be rich is not selfish either. God's Word defines "prosperity" by the following verse: "May you have enough to abound in every good work" (2 Corinthians 9:8).

It is very simple. If you are prosperous God's way, then you must have enough to give your tithe, offering, support a ministry, sponsor a child, give to Godly charities, etc... "EVERY GOOD WORK" means to ANYTHING for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

When your priority with money is to expand the Kingdom of God, get ready to handle a lot of money. God is seeking stewards He can trust. How do you think God gets money to support people doing His work and saving souls and discipling through the name of Jesus Christ? Do you think God creates the US currency out of thin air? Can He? Of course He can but God Himself is bound by his own Word. He does not lie so He will not counterfeit the US currency and also He is limited on earth because He gave authority to mankind; He cannot go back on that. That is why, He needs us to expand His kingdom on earth.

God wants you wealthy because He wants to use you as a channel of finances towards His work. We are His stewards. God will use other people and open doors for you to receive money. The more money you receive, the more will be used for Kingdom work. The underlying question here is "do you care about the Kingdom of God being expanded?"

The Bible speaks heavily on being a "giver" and to be "generous" in all things. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Why so? One of the reasons is because the "giver" knows God's principles and the "giver" always has more than the "receiver" (Acts 20:35). Once you learn to give, you will never be concerned about "receiving."

Many claim it is selfish to want money and to be rich. Is it selfish to give to God's work on this earth. Is it selfish to feed the poor and clothe the needy? Is it selfish to be able to give money to any person in need?

Think about it, if you have wealth, how much more people can you bless and help!

God is a giver. He always has enough. He wants His Children to learn how "Daddy does it."

When you heart is set on God's Kingdom and it is your priority to give to God's Work, you will always have enough for yourself. God will use you as a channel and there will always be more than enough leftover to meet your needs and wants.

Learn to give, and you will learn to be rich. But as soon as you turn your hand back from giving, you are going against God's principles. Prosperity is defined by how much you are giving. Think of yourself as a channel and steward. You are the middle man between God and His work on earth. Those who stay away from money and are content with what they have, are right in one way, of being content, but you should seek more wealth for the PRIMARY reason of giving to the work of God. Do you see "selfishness" in that?

About the Author: David Vilkhovoy is a Property Manager and Youth Pastor Assistant. Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, David works as a property manager overseeing tenant relations. He is also a Youth Pastor Assistant at The Next Generation Youth where he spends his time ministering to youth on practical Christian-living. In his free time, David enjoys playing ice hockey, studying theology, and implementing innovative, creative designs in business and ministry.  Born in Vienna, Austria and son to Ukrainian immigrants who moved to America based on religious freedom. David currently lives in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. He is a strong advocate for today’s generation to rise up into their rightful place. His latest project is the Standard Christian Epidemic, which is currently in publication. You can find him on the web at http://davevilk.com