Where Would We Be Without Elvis?

“I am the Lord, the God of mankind.  Is anything too hard for me?”

                                                                                                Jeremiah 32:27


O.K., I admit it;  I am a sucker for the old Elvis movies.  With their bad-acting and predictability, they still capture my attention every time.  Elvis has always interested me. Why, you might ask?

First, he was a Southern boy, coming from an ordinary family, who never left his Southern roots.  His was truly a Cinderella story.  He showed that dreams do sometimes come true.

What about your dreams?

Do you ever wonder if some of the things you want to accomplish in life will ever come to fruition? 

Things that we see ourselves doing in our younger years can become sidetracked as we get older by kids, necessary jobs, or just what we might call reality.  We wonder will we ever travel to Europe, write that best-selling novel, or just see that wedding day weight again.

For me, these thoughts happened after I hit age forty.  At that age, we do sometimes wonder, is this it?  Is this all I will accomplish?  Is it downhill from here?  Have I seen my prime and past it?  Some dreams are selfish and immature and do need to be let go.  Some do not.


I want to encourage you to pray about your dreams and let God lead.  He knows the desires of our hearts, and that dream may be in His will for you.  It may not be.  If not, He always knows what is best and may redirect that dream into something better that accomplishes what He wants, not what we want.  Never forget that God’s will is always good.  God can do anything, so we need to be ready to allow Him to do anything.  Do not put limits on the One Who can raise the dead.  Elvis in many ways changed the world. Maybe through you, God’s got some world changing to do.  Do not let “Heartbreak Hotel” be your life’s theme song;  instead, try a little “Jailhouse Rock”.

Written By: Kathy McBroom

Kathy McBroom is a Freshmen English teacher, Bible study writer and teacher, wife of a minister and mother of two college age daughters.  She loves sharing God's Word through blogging, freelance writing and speaking.  Please contact her if she can ever help you with a women's event or study. kathymcbroom@yahoo.com