When we are called....

At some point or another in our life, we are called to do something bigger than ourselves. For a lot of us, the questions is will we take that road less traveled or will we continue on the same path because it’s simpler to do so. As I was growing up I heard the stories from my dad, had a chance to see first hand in the 1973 coup, what it mean to stand up for what you believed in. My dad was a socialist fighting for equality. We weren’t rich; we fit more into the lower middle class.

I was always attached at the hip to my dad as a child and on the year of the coup, he would show me how others in our community were protesting. I remember one time he took me to the roof of our building on a gray foggy day, he pointed to me the roof top in the distance where you could make out a lone figure putting up a Chilean flag; I was in awe and excited.

The excitement wore down when some time later, my dad was taken from us and put in the concentration camps. We thought him dead but he showed up one day out of the blue (if you are interested in my story go here) and had 24 hours to leave the country or die.

Growing up I heard some of the stories, being so close to him, he would tell me of the scars he carried. Like the scars of his thumbs being tied together behind his back to hoist him up for torture.

As a teenager, I was already passionate about social issues, I don’t know if that was just a me thing, my personality in the making, or an influence of my dad. I had a thing for all things Communist/Socialist. I remember at thirteen sending a request to the Russian consulate to receive reading material about Russia.

As I got older, my social conciseness was still there but my anger towards my dad and his choices, taking us away from our country, plagued me. I wondered, as I raised my own children, could I make the same choices; Protest for a cause that could lead to a bad outcome knowing I had a family.

Although I spoke out, I didn’t do very much. I spoke of social change, voted, and said my two cents sending out a petition online once they started coming out. Fought with others to see what our choices were doing to us. But my attitude was all wrong. It was a know it all.

When I was saved, it stopped. Not because It was bad or I lost interest, I found myself being taken in another direction for a time. God was teaching and I was following. After a year and a half with Him, it felt like He was letting me loose so to speak to spread my wings to do His work wherever He sent me.

It wasn’t until recently that the old Social Activism bug hit me again, where I see more than just signing a petition to make a change, where its not about talking about it with friends at a dinner party like in the past, now it felt like my wings have been opened and I am free to speak with a different perspective.

I still see myself as a socialist. But I realize that the word itself has such a negative connotation to the masses. But to Christians, it should really be a no brainer because truly, if you really think about it, who and what was Jesus? If you really believe in Him then who do you think He is if not socially conscience and teaching us to be as such?

I don’t know if I am at the stage my dad was at when he chose to protest in Chile’s freedom in ’73 but I do know that I have respect for what he did for us. I thought of all the times I angry with him for getting himself involved rather than stay quiet. I know now that there are times we are called to make hard choices, to speak out or stay quiet. My dad chose to speak out, we did not know the consequences would have been so dire at the time but times have changed, I highly doubt it that I would be kicked out of Canada for protesting or speaking out.

I realize that we really have become so quiet that government has been allowed to run wild. We have been so quiet, afraid, or just complacent that people complain and speak about it but no one does anything to stop the abuses of government and corporations.

I know he will be surprised to hear me say this but my dad was one of those brave souls that stood up and chose not to stay quiet. The coup was a result of corporations running things and he stood up to it. Although I saw it as a negative, I realize now that although the outcome took us where we never expected, we are here now, where he told us there would be better opportunity to grow, Alberta, Canada. We are here now, in the middle of the biggest corporate/government fight you could ever lay your hands on.

This is much bigger than the copper mines in Chile or the fight with Pepsi and the bankers that set up shop in Santiago. This is about a life time to come of hurt not just for Albertan’s but for the rest of the world.

As the days and weeks pass by, I hear my inner voice getting louder and louder. Telling me to write and to speak out because too many are quiet. In my inner circle I am a lone activist but I know that God is working on the rest.

I know that there are millions of people like myself who had the same attitude and hope they will be encouraged to speak out. In light of this change, my blog name and content will be changing a little. More of the name change because where as before it was Quirkie and Quarkie stuff, now I want to speak seriously and bluntly.

There is really nothing to fear but fear itself. We have become so complacent that we no longer bat an eye when we see things that should truly stir our hearts to move, to do something because to do nothing, is just as big of a crime.

I am a Christian with a voice, a social voice. I am also a child of God, a child of this world, who are you?

If these images don't move you, what will? (PLEASE GO TO http://mymissionsfield.blogspot.com/2011/10/when-we-are-called.html TO SEE PICTURES)

Author Bio: My name is Ingrid and I am a Christian with a social conscience. The Lord saved me 2 years ago. I am from Alberta, Canada were one of the issues that has really struck a chord across the world is our Tar Sands. We all have some unique trait that the Lord nourishes and then when He feels you are ready He sets you free to do His work, my time has come and I am one of I pray a million other Christians who are standing up for causes that affect our world. We as Christians were given this beautiful world as caretakers not to destroy it. And so in light of the fact that we haven't done such a good job, the Lord has asked me to speak out as well. It's time we all started to speak out. You can find me on the web http://mymissionsfield.blogspot.com