When All of Your Fires Become ONE

Stirring swiftly to the left and right I shuffle through the kitchen of my life. Smells intermingle in a glorious explosion. Mind racing for spices, oils, anything to put the “perfect touch” on each concoction. Dancing about all seems well.

I shift my focus to the rice that needs a little more time to absorb. I open the stove door and peek in on the roasting chicken and sweet potatoes. Vegetables are steaming. Pre-dinner commotion increases as little ones crawl too close to the hot stove. Bathroom runs to aid ‘big boy’ learners send my feet scurrying away from readying food.

The dance stops and the clamor begins.

The rice has begun to burn and there is no more water to steam the vegetables. The chicken and sweet potatoes are too hot for little hungry ones to eat.

Frustration wells up and peace evades.

As pots of food remain suitable for consumption, even cooked well, the fires of competing allegiances battle within. I slam the pot of perfection closed and burn my finger on its edge in my rash move. The soup of balance boils over, scalding my other hand as I race to clean its mess. The vegetables of a sound mind are jerked off the heat to avoid a burn (out). The meat of love pierces my already hurting hands as I rush to unpack its aluminum shell. The side of grace waits patiently as I remove it to cool.

Weary soul a hurting mess crumples to the ground.

Where did I go wrong?

“Too many pans in the fire AND too many fires in you dear one…this ONE THING IS NEEDFUL…”

I hear as my spirit opens to waiting arms of Grace.

“Oh Lord Jesus, teach me anew how to sit at Your feet. That in the tended pots and pans, the cooking fires of Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Everlasting Love would become the ONE needful for all of my life.”

(AWA 10/26/10)

Author Bio I am wife, mama to a precious three year-old boy and a one year-old baby girl. But above all, I am Christ-follower and seeking daily to learn more and more what that means. We minister as a family to students at public high schools through a ministry called Student Venture. We are following God\'s gracious call to move to Eastern Europe to minister to the high school students in this post-communist part of the world. In the busyness of mommy life and the unknowns of a life of faith, I seek to share my heart with a mix of vulnerability and truth through a humble offering of words before an Audience of One. http://www.findtheflametofan.blogspot.com