What kind of Bible do you have?

I heard a pastor on the radio ask his congregation to imagine what it would be like if we all carried the Bible like we do cellular phones. What would it be like if we all flipped through those texts like we do messages from friends? What would it be like if we carried it everywhere with us-–how we absolutely go into panic when we misplace it, or how we’ll go back home to grab it if we left it by mistake? I found it so interesting! For one, I can’t remember when I actually started the habit, but I do carry my Bible everywhere with me. In fact, I feel odd when I leave it somewhere, and have turned around to get it out of the house and have it with me. And what about the texts? Is Jesus not a true friend? I’m known for belting out “I Am a Friend of God” at random times, so a random text here and there from Him is just the same. And I’ve got a Blackberry, so it can do quite a bit…but it’s not like my Bible.

I have several Bibles, actually. My green one that I bought myself when I lost my pink one to irresponsibility, I take it virtually everywhere with me. I now have my Mama’s, a Bible so loved and revered that she prayed the bindings off of it during her lifetime. I have my teen Bible that is all marked up and dog-eared. There’s a Spanish translation, and the Woman’s Study Bible from my mother-in-law. And, just a couple of weeks ago, I bought my first King James Version from a dollar store. Just like a cell phone, they come in various shapes, sizes, and have different features. The essential purpose is the same: a way for the Lord to communicate with me, and vice-versa. If I lack guidance, if I’m afraid, I call on Him and pick up my Bible as often as I can.

How wonderful is that?! How fulfilling! HOW AMAZING! The Lord, the King of Kings calls ME “friend” and for what?! I am not even remotely worthy, but I am so honored!

One of my songs of testimony right now is Moving Forward. From the first moment I heard it, I was moved. (Not to mention, the first time I heard it was days after Mama passed away.) I don’t understand how anyone would want to NOT be in the shelter of Christ?! The spiritual peace, the comfort…I will follow You forward, Lord.

Thank you. Thank you.

A writer/blogger for roughly 14 years, Ashley Griffin is committed to the call on her life from God: to share and teach the Word through her spirit--and nerdy ways--with the world. Ms. Griffin resides in Los Angeles with her husband. Both are natives of Detroit, MI.

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