We are Born to be Successful

The purpose of life is growth and success is a growth experience, which everyone born of woman should experience. Success is not meant for the following only: (a)    Those who are born rich (b)    Those who are intelligent (c)    Those who are lucky

It is meant for all humans, and we all as humans must desire and work our way up the success ladder in the right way. Have you read this part of the scripture?

“And GOD blessed them, and GOD said to them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28

After GOD created Adam and everything upon the earth, HE gave this command; First HE said

(a)    “Be fruitful ; which means to produce many useful things (b)    Then HE said “and multiply”; which means o increase or make something increase very much in number or amount. (c)    HE also said “and replenish”; which means to make something full again by replacing what has been used (d)    And finally HE said “and subdue”; which means to bring under control

These four words; fruitful, multiply, replenish, and subdue epitomize the word “success”. The Oxford dictionary of contemporary English defines success as the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get.

It is clearly evident from above that GOD’S plan for us HIS creations is to be successful in all that we do. When HE gave that command, HE knew that Adam and Eve will give birth to children. HE knew that the children will spread all over the world. In essence, this command was not meant for Adam and Eve alone, but for all their children in which you and I are inclusive. This means that

(a)    We are born to be successful, not to be a failure (b)    We are born to multiply, not to decrease (c)    We are born to replenish, not to become barren (d)    We are born to be fruitful, not to be fruitless (e)    We are born to subdue, not to be subdued

In working our way to success, we must remember to ask for GODs’ Grace to be a light unto our steps, and direct us in all that we do. Also remember that though we are born to be successful, we must walk our way up the ladder of success. Laziness will not bring us success, but lamentation and regret.

About the Author: Edosa Omoregie Johnson is a Prolific Writer, Author and a Seasoned Teacher. He has served as a Sunday School Teacher, Music Director and a Youth Leader for many years. He has composed more than 800 songs for church worship.He was called by God at a tender age to preach the Good News. He believes that Christendom is not what it ought to be, because many preachers have neglected the True Word and devise their own method of teaching in order to satisfy their own lustful desires. They have therefore imbibed fear into the heart of their congregations. This makes them (the congregation) believe whatever their leaders say without checking the truthfulness of such preaching in God's Word.

He believes that every believer whether small or big, young or old, black or white should not be ignorant of the true teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. Neither should those who do not know be denied the knowledge of the Truth about how God wants us to live our lives. For what we believe and accept is not of fear, but of Peace, Joy, Blessing, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, righteousness, holiness above all Love. He is happily married to his lovely wife and both have two children.

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