Waiting For the Sun to Come Out

"When darkness veils His lovely face I rest on His unchanging grace... Sometimes, when we least expect it, dark clouds roll in from the sea. Thunderheads form along the horizon and the rain sweeps ashore before lunch. We grab our stuff and run for cover, duck into the car, and watch the windows steam up.

Do we give up hope for a day at the beach, or wait for the sun to come out?

Sometimes in life, when we least expect it, troubles roll in on the wind. The forecast may have called for fair skies but the dark cloud of recession blew in, or our health gave out, or a child went astray. Fill in the blank with your own thunderhead. The question becomes: Do we give up hope, or wait for the sun to come out? And what shall we do while we wait?

Seven months have passed since my last rained-out beach day; at long last, I feel like the worst is over. At first I cowered in the car as lightning flashed and thunder roared. The windows fogged up, which was fine with me; I locked the doors and hid under my blanket. But when I finally had to decide whether to breathe or not to breathe, I rolled down the windows and let the tempest blow through. Unexpectedly, but just as He promised, God came in with the weather. He was all I could see at the height of the storm, but He brought all I needed to survive:

Some people to care for His Word to sustain me The love of my family The support of my friends

Now that the downpour has slowed to a drizzle, I step out into air freshened by the rain. The wind is gentle, the sea calm. Down the coast, sunlight shines on a distant shore.

...In every high and stormy gale my anchor holds within the veil On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand All other ground is sinking sand."*

© 2011 Rachel Ophoff, Coconut Mountain Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

*The Solid Rock/Composer William B. Bradbury, Author Edward Mote

About the Author: Rachel Ophoff is a writer, speaker, and Christian in recovery. You can find Rachel on the web at http://www.friendshipwithjesus.com