Using New Technology to Grow Closer to God

Bible Search on the iPhone App StoreIn decades past, the most common ways to learn more about Christianity included going to Sunday services, attending small groups or bible studies, and reading a print Bible on your own. Today, however, there are many people who grow stronger in their faith thanks to technological advancements, social media, and online streaming. If you don't yet know about the many ways that technology can help you in your walk of faith, read on. Here are four examples of biblical online resources for Christians.

1. Glo Bible

This website is a remarkable combination of biblical study and social media. At first glance, it may seem like any other online Bible where verses can be searched for instantly. However, it is much more than that. Users can read scripture in canonical order, but they can also view verses by subject matter. This is very convenient for Bible studies which cover a specific topic. Glo Bible also has features that allow users to view timelines of Biblical events or see where events in the Bible took place on a geographical map. Social media comes into play because your online friends can see what you viewed in real time.

2. Biblia

This incredible online resource revolutionizes the way that people can study the Bible. The website is completely free to users and allows them to read and search through the entire Bible. What sets this website apart from other biblical websites is that it offers translations of the Bible in dozens of languages, and even provides alternative versions like the King James Version, the New International Version and even Martin Luther's original translations. Scholars and average Christians who want clarification about certain verses will appreciate the simple to use functions of Biblia.

3. Online Streaming

If you live in a location far from a church, or if you cannot attend regular church services for any reason, then online streaming is a way to stay connected with a congregation, learn from a pastor or priest, and hear the message of Christ without ever leaving your home. Many large churches offer live online streaming of their church services, choir practices, and even their weekday Bible studies.

4. iPhone Bible Apps

One of the best advances in technology is the ability to have the entire contents of the Bible in your smartphone. Several different apps offer users the ability to search for verses instantly, read text in different languages, or bookmark relevant passages. The most popular of these Bible apps is Bible by Another popular choice is Bible by Faith Comes Hearing, which allows users to listen to the verses rather than reading them. The Illustrated Bible app is a favorite for children, and it can be accessed on an iPhone or an iPad easily.

It is clear to see that modern technology and the Internet have opened up new opportunities for biblical study. While there are some potential pitfalls, such as decreased community fellowship due to alternative church services online, these resources are overwhelmingly beneficial to the Christian community. Bible studies, church services, and personal study can all be improved with these technological advancements.

About the Author: Barbara Haddock is a Christian freelance blogger, who writes about Bible study. If you are interested in incorporating Bible study into your college education, Barbara recommends checking out Christian college rankings to find a good online Christian college.