Trusting God When You Feel Stuck In The Desert

To trust or not to trust, that is the question. Or, maybe I should say, “Do I trust or do I not.” If we continue to clearly inhabit the dominion of anxiousness, not believing in God to bring harmony and fruition to our unsettled circumstances after an earnest appeal for His involvement and allegiance, then we really haven’t trusted Him at all. “Hoping” that the Sovereign Creator and Master of the universe will accomplish the task, “thinking” that He is able to deliver resolution and accord to our crucial plea is not the same as “believing” that He WILL do it -“knowing” that He has the devoted intention and omnipotent power to produce an amazing finish, whether His passage or route in our struggle requires just one month or a span of ten + years. Genuine sincere trust also implies that we thank God in advance for an outcome that we cannot yet see. There is an expectant confidence and reliance in Him to occupy our situation, withstanding every intrusion that attempts to subvert absolute victory. When David enlisted himself for the seemingly impossible, choosing to confront the massive stature and taunting insults of the giant Goliath, his focus and dependency was completely centered on the undeniable authority of God. He foresaw the finished result and jubilant ending that only The Almighty could bring to pass. When we listen to God with a heart that is utterly committed to Him with selfless motives, acknowledging it is not about what we are going to do, but what He intends to fully complete in accordance with His ultimate plan, our capacity to actually see our petitions as a “done deal” ignites our faith and perceives our longings as an already present reality. It defies all logic, but God isn’t confined by the limits of our logic. He is boundless. Truly trusting Him necessitates a change in our mindset, consequently provoking a change in our hearts. We really are able to trust that OUR God - the God of David, CAN make it happen.

We might be stuck in the desert because God is still working on us or we have some vitally important things yet to learn. Are we ready thus far to receive what He has for us? Maybe the goal and approach that we have fixed in mind isn’t the same exact target that He has purposefully ordained. God’s design for our life is very often fashioned differently from the method and model that we envision. Whatever the instance may be, we can whole-heartedly believe in Him and His promises by continually focusing our eyes on the Lord. We don’t need to waste our sorrows on the current setting we are in. We don’t have to feel the anxiety while the demand for answers reverberates from a heavily burdened spirit. When we are constantly focusing our eyes on the Lord, any obstruction that comes into view gets blotted out. It is this uninterrupted faithfulness and consistency that provides us the lens to see a future where impossible wins!

About the Author: John Tracy Wilson is the author of the book “Of Life, Love and Family”. You can find him on the web at