Truly Happy People

" But the truly happy people are those who carefully study God's perfect law that makes people free, and they continue to study it.They do not forget what they heard, but they obey what God's teaching says. Those who do this will be made happy." - James 1:25 I chose this photo of my Husband and I because we look so very happy. Some of you are probably saying "Gag, no one's that happy!" Honestly, at one time we were not. Not even close!! We are now and plan to stay that way thanks to the good Lord above and the Bible.

Today, as I was studying the Bible story that I will be teaching to my kindergarten Sunday school class I had a thought. Or rather a revelation. It wasn't until I started reading my Bible and really studying scripture that I became truly happy. Our Bible story is about Josiah and finding the lost Bible scroll and how the Bible is the most important book. (2 Kings 22:1-20, 23:1-3) Which I think is perfect to start off the new "school" year.

Everyday that I sit down to read the Good Book I know that the Lord is speaking to me. He may just be reiterating something I already know, driving home a particular lesson or guiding me in the direction he wants me to go but He is there, teaching. Without fail, I learn. The more time I spend in God's word the more I understand His love for us. His love for me. God isn't this huge authority figure that punishes and judges and has disdain for his people.

He is more like the Father who wants what is best and hurts when we make mistakes. That is why we have the Bible. In my opinion it's like having Cliff Notes for life. A cheat sheet if you will. I have gotten to where I actually thirst for more. I've even wondered if there are courses offered for the layman, kind of like seminary. I love history, I love God and the more I learn the more knowledge I want, history & language lessons included. (Which I'm pretty sure was His purpose to begin with.)

My hope is that everyone will pick up their Bibles. Even if it's just once a week. It's better than nothin'. The answers are there, along with our Father's unending love and guidance.

About the Author: I write about my past and present experiences and views as a renewed Christian woman, wife and mother after overcoming a past of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, addiction and self destruction. Welcome to my mixed up, emotional, crazy and BEAUTIFUL life! You can find me on the web at