Top Apps for Christians

Top Apps for Christians

There seems to be a smartphone app for just about anything and everything now days; some help you find the nearest Italian restaurant, others let you manage your banking needs, and some let you stay connected to your faith. Christians have plenty of different options when it comes to finding an app that will fit their life and personal beliefs. These apps are designed to let you read the bible, pray, and view devotionals whether you are at home, on the bus, or on vacations.

Spurgeon Devotional

Spurgeon Devotional by 43rd Element, LLC gives you daily devotionals, twice a day, right on your phone. Through the app you can bookmark, highlight, and make notes on your favorite devotions and then revisit them at a later time. You can easily set up reminders on your phone so you don't forget to do your morning and evening devotionals. It is also very easy to share your favorite devotionals through email. Along with each devotional, you can see the scripture text for that devotional in a pop-up window. The scripture requires WiFi or 4G. Spurgeon Devotional is available for $1.99 for iPhones, and Androids.


The Bible app by and can be customized for your personal use. You can set the language of the app and Bible versions of more than 30 different languages. With this app you can easily read, listen, or even study different passages, devotionals and highlight your favorite passages and verses. If you want, you can easily share your favorite passages with friends and family by posting it to different social media networks, emailing it, or even texting it. When you download the app, you will be able to sign up for a free account that will let you access your notes, highlights and bookmarks. The Bible app is a free app and is available for iPhones, Blackberry, Android phones from T-Mobile, and Windows phones.

Prayer List

The Prayer List app from Michael Brownlow Consulting lets you easily make a list of people you would like to pray for so you don't forget. Using the app you can record, view, search, and email prayers and answers. You can also customize it with 15 different themes, different backgrounds, and fonts. Prayers can be very personal and private, which is why the developers of this app have also included a password protection option and an auto-lock option. If you need, you can easily backup and restore your prayers through email, and can categorize your past prayers. This app is available for iPhones and iPads for $1.99.

Remember Me

If you want to memorize different Bible verses and quotes, this app gives you many different options to do so. It gives you daily versus and reminders and you can search for quotes, and share your favorites. There are several different ways the app helps you remember your favorite quotes. You can use flash cards, word puzzles, fill in the gaps of different passages, listen to passages, and use the line by line practice. It also has some children's verses so your kids can use it as well to start memorizing and learning the different verses. You can test yourself on what you have learned by using the random generated quizzes. This app can help keep you inspired and keep you in touch with the Bible. It is available through Google Play and iTunes.

With so many different subjects and smartphone app options, it is no surprise that there are some for Christians. These apps will help you stay connected to your faith no matter where you are. With so many different apps on the market, it isn't hard to find one that will fit your personal lifestyle, beliefs, and religion.

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