Tips for Parents to Stimulate Children’s Creativity

There are many advantages of nurturing your child’s creativity like development of self-expression and mental growth. Various techniques can be used to prod imagination of your kids. For example, teach them to be more curious and ask questions. Additionally, you should make active efforts to hone their assessment skills. This can be done by engaging your children in resourceful and challenging activities. A few creative pursuits for children have been listed below. 1. Hobbies

Nurture hobbies like sketching and painting in which they learn about different colors and shapes. Buy coloring books for them. Those with an artistic bent of mind can give pottery, paper crafts, wood work or clay modeling a shot. Many kids enjoy dramatics, singing and dancing. Some little girls might also like threadwork, knitting and cooking.

2. Social engagement

Involve your child in social situations which goad them to use their imagination. When you try on a new outfit, ask them if it is looking nice on you. Consider their opinion when you are redoing the house. Take their help when you are packing for trips or cooking family meals. Prod them to think by putting up questions and furnishing comments.

3. Toys

Although any type of toy can stir your child’s creativity, some toys are specifically designed to give your kids imagination a boost. In addition, one should pick toys appropriate for their child’s age. Go for riding horses, pull trucks, teddy bears and alphabetical building blocks if your child is about 1 to 2 years of age. If your toddler is about 3 years old, then buy puzzles, jigsaws, battery operated vehicles, trains, talking dolls, etc. Older kids will like lego, sand building kits, puppets, battery operated gizmos, and doll houses.

4. Video games

Video games are not just for fun, they can also sharpen your child’s creative and cognitive skills. The artistic animation and attractive picture illustrations in most games help to influence your child’s imagination. Usually kids stay on the alert while playing games, which improves their decision making skills and makes their brain active. For instance, while playing juegos de vestir princesas your kids will learn about color coordination, various types of dressing styles and accessories whilst applying their imagination to dress up the princess.

5. Leisure activities

Take active interest in what your children do with their spare time. The right leisure pursuits can make your child a lot more resourceful. Nothing beats reading, so make your children acquainted with the work of different authors from Enid Blyton to abridged classics. Pick out the right television programs for them and introduce them to the various types of music. Nature and artistic work of others can also inspire your child. So take them out for nature walks, hikes and bird watching tours. Trips to the museum, zoo, aquarium and seashore will also help.

Leisure pursuits like playing games, reading, painting, dramatics and crafts aid immensely in fostering your child’s imagination. Social engagements and outings should be educative and inventive so that they help to develop your child’s creative quotient.

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