Times and Thoughts

These days with so much happening in our world it is easy to get our eyes off of our source, the Lord Jesus. We find our lives being pressed in from all sides; wars and rumors of wars, disasters, joblessness, suffering illness or personal loss and other stresses. The battle for our hearts is white hot. We are constantly working against being pulled away by the trappings and desires of our world and society. It is a common struggle among us. My prayer is that we may all gain a new and stronger focus on what is best, a refreshing of our faith and clearer understanding of what is true and what is eternal and to find rest in Him whose word is life. May the Lord bless you abundantly this coming year in Christ.

About the Author: I am so many things...a mother, a wife and grandmother, a person who loves to learn and watch the world around me especially the natural world as I find endless the wonders that speak of our Creator and so lessons if one is paying attention. I am also a plant nerd of sorts with a lot of creative energy, which serves me well in reducing any possible boredom but has its down side too. I am still looking for that one thing I\'m really good at, though plants and writing seem to be where I always land. I dabble in many sorts of crafty creative things, have taught gardening, propagated plants for a living and yes,I am a recovering plant addict. Most importantly, I am a woman of faith who loves the savior, Jesus Christ, with my whole heart and is blessed to be able to write and sing and encourage others because of what He has done for me. Follow me on the web at http://gardenofdiscovery.blogspot.com/