Things I've Learned - And Things I Don't Want to Forget

Whether I’m in class, in chapel, reading a book, or listening to a speaker, I want to always be seeking spiritual growth; I want to look at every opportunity as a chance to meet God at a level I have never known before. I want to worship like the Catholics do – in a field with hundreds of believers united in silence; I want to listen to His wisdom with the Methodists – gathered together in a convention center listening to a favored author; I want sing with worship teams of all denominations – hands held up high; I want to hear about faith from the Baptists that I work with – saying the same things that I hold in my heart; I want to sit and listen to the drunkard with little ambition because of the story that he had planned and forgot to live out.

I want to be pushed by my wife to go deeper in the adventure and to never let up; I want to listen and to love; most importantly, I want to do what He has told me to do – follow Him. There are things that touch me spiritually. These things that I have learned are things that I hope I will never forget – and hopefully, if I’m doing it right, I’ll look back and say, “How simple.” Hopefully, when I look back, I will be somewhere with God that I could never see me at now.

1. History belongs to the intercessors.

2. Nonviolence is not the same thing as pacifism.

3. God is working outside of the church just as much as He is working within the church.

4. Serving the least of these is serving Jesus face-to-face.

5. To live life without meaning is to replace that need for meaning with pleasure.

6. Meaning is doing something difficult, with people you love, to save lives.

7. There’s an agenda behind every storyteller. To know a story well, determine their agenda.

8. God puts His plan at risk in our hands.

9. Liberals are truly fascinating people.

10. People are truly fascinating.

11. Love really is the ultimate commandment; God wants us to love.

12. The church is a beautiful family and not even cynicism will break up that family.

13. Joy is a spiritual discipline.

14. Satan will do whatever it takes to ruin testimonies.

15. Money is neutral. This one is important.

About the Author: My name is Elliott. I am absolutely head over heels in love with my wife. Together we aim to grow deeper and deeper with Christ every single day for the rest of our lives. I am currently studying journalism at Evangel University. Connect with me on my blog!