There Is So Much Of Your Father In You

Today's Gospel Truth ~ "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 There Is So Much Of Your Father In You

As they left the building the father told his son how to take care of the matter they were discussing which his son didn't completely agree with. Brent then told his dad, "I'll see you later." As he walked off he began to stubbornly ponder the solution his father gave and as he curiously turned around he looked into the distance and saw his father standing where he had left him with a smile on his face. Brent shook his head and began to walk back toward his father and when he reached him he said; "Dad you know you're right once again."

His dad pointed toward a little coffee shop and told him, "Come on let's go and fix this problem." After they chatted awhile Brent looked his father in his eyes and asked him, "Dad, why is there so much of you in me and why did it take me so long to see it ?" His father answered and said, "It's because you're my son and now that you are aware of it the more you will show it."

This little story can surely remind us of how much our Father God is within us. Even though for many times it may take years to realize it he is still mindful of us in our state of unawareness and there watching out to help us as much as we would have him to. Yet it is when we come into the realization that we are sons of God and we carry his traits, character, and fingerprint within our DNA then can we more effectively represent him by showing him off to all we meet.

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

God actually created a plan to redeem us while we were yet in sin because he was very aware of how much he had invested into each one of us being like him as his children. God has given us spiritual gifts, natural talents, and the matchless power of his word to use to overcome anything we'll face in life.

When we become aware of how much of our Father we actually carry within us it places us in a better position to not only show him off but to use our spiritual senses to see him in others as in the story of Mary and Elizabeth in the book of Luke. As we go about our week let us creatively show our Father off and look for him in our brothers and sisters and greet each other with a leaping joy. **AMEN**

About the Author: I am a Kingdom Citizen by choice, an Atmospheric Changer by design and I love God dearly. As a Child of God I, like you have been given the authority to declare changes in atmospheres over lives, homes, churches, businesses, communities, and line up with the Word of God. Loving God is what I do and God loving me is why I am. I am presently retired .... don't know when I will get the feel to go back to work if I ever do .... lol. However, I have a passion for Start Up Businesses, Graphics, Writing, Shopping, and just Encouraging all others with the Love of God thru Blogging.  You can find me on the web at