The Wisdom of Charlie Brown

Yesterday a dear friend gave me two “cotton candy” Petunia hanging plants. These plants were given to her and after a week on her porch, they were dying. When I stepped into her backyard I saw them there and asked what she was going to do with them. “Throw them away” she said. The dead leaves were obvious but behind the brown leaves were bright green leaves and hot pink flowers. I picked one up and shook it a little and the dead leaves began to fall off the plant. I asked if I could take them home. Before she could even say yes I was loading the plants into the back seat of my truck. I am often joked on by my close girlfriends because I refuse to abandon living things that may still have a shot at life. At our Relay we had 50 vases of flowers left over and while the rest of the committee wanted to trash them, I brought them all home with me and placed them around my home. Sure, they died a few days later, but they were able to bring a smile to my face for a few more days.

I even identify with Charlie Brown’s plight to bring life to that old twig of a Christmas tree.

He believed in that little tree and before long it was a shining example of what can happen when you have just one person who has your back.

The cotton candy plants are now pruned and hanging on my front and back porch. They are huge, and while right now they don’t have many pink flowers left, I know that within a few weeks they’ll be back to normal. As I was pruning I couldn’t help but remember a sermon I heard a month or so ago called The True Vine. In John 15: 1-6 it says:

John 15: 1-6

I am the true vine, my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear fruit. …

When you read the above passage, can you think of something in your life you need to “prune” in order for your branches to bear fruit? Or are you simply giving up before your fruit even has a chance to grow?

Crystal Senter Brown  is a poet, singer and author/creator of the children's book series "Gabby Saturday."  She is also the host of the weekly video magazine "Women on The Move."   She started her blog "Just a Small Town Girl" in 2009 as a way to commit to writing every day but quickly saw it transform into a daily testimony of her Faith walk.  She and her husband Corey reside in Massachusetts with their 17 year old son Adonte and a very busy dog named Serena Marie.