The unfamiliar voice of the Sheppard

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. - John 10:27 Two Sheppard’s lead their flock to graze; one heading north the other south. As the men great each other so do their sheep, hundreds comingling into a sea of unrecognizable wool. There are no brands, or unique markings just sheep. So how can these Sheppards separate their flock? Each man shouts a cadence or whistle, systematically parting the sheep like the Red Sea, triggering everyone to fall in line with their rightful master. What appeared to be disorder was resolved with a voice that only their sheep recognized.

Over 200 times sheep is mentioned in the Bible. Sheep where important to the people of that time as well as they are symbolically referred to as God’s people. David, a Sheppard himself, wrote the 23rd Psalm which illustrates what a “personal” relationship with God should be like; The Lord is my Sheppard and I shall not want. Nonetheless, we all like sheep have gone astray, turning to our own ways Isaiah 53:6 paying attention to unfamiliar voices while seeking greener pastures of living. In the prime of life, we find ourselves following the voice of leaders, government, and even strangers forgetting to fear no evil, and that God guides us! All too often, in the mist of personal crusades, people find themselves lost confused and sometimes trapped. Their cries for help reach the ears of many, yet individuals who don’t have a relationship with Jesus, mistaken the Master’s voice with thieves, who want to physically and spiritually steal kill and/or destroy.

From prayer and study of the bible, learn God’s voice. Also understand His communication is unlike that of Cecil B. Demille’s version in the movies; a talking bush, audible for carnal ears. Become acquainted with God’s communication by Practicing, resting, and abiding in God for spiritual comfort. There will be frustration during your process of tuning into Christ and keep in mind the green pastures, shadows of the valley, and flowing waters are temporary yet the message is to follow the Sheppard and develop a relationship; these things will never fade.

Jesus told his followers that he is the good Sheppard his sheep know his voice and he calls them by name. To align you, be humble and desire the need to commune with Christ. Shake off the negative characteristics of sheep: demanding, stubborn, straying, easily influenced, fearful, as well as restless and make way for a better relationship by becoming totally dependent of the Sheppard for every need. We all have fallen into ruts and are easily thrust aside in life, but thanks be to God, for Grace & Mercy which will allow us to live in His goodness and loving kindness all the days of our life Author Bio:

I am a broken vessel that that requires repair daily. I am a man who makes every effort to be the best I can be, walk in the light of Christ, lend a hand to my follow man as well as be a blessing to others. Each day I’m put to the test some I pass others I fail nevertheless I strive to help others through an encouraging word because God has found favor in me! You can find me on the web at