The Unexpected Idol

Ever since I got married, then very quickly joined the “mommy team”, I realized what an idol truly was and how easily we can fall prey to one. Idol as defined in the dictionary is: An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. A person or thing that is really admired, loved or revered.

Throughout the old testament we read of different scenarios where the people of God fell into the temptation of idol worship. We can look at the children of Israel in the time of Moses. They had just miraculously been rescued from the damnation of an Egyptian Pharaoh and now, not too far afterwards, while Moses is up on the mountain seeking after the Lord it happens. They look to Aaron and demand that a golden image be made in the form of a cow from their gold and jewels so there would be something they could worship. Crazy right?

You might ask yourself, “Okay, so how does all of this tie into us as wives and mothers seeking to be obedient to Him?” Now, I’m going to get a little personal and say some things that might make your insides go “EEEEKKKK!”. However, I think this is necessary.

There can be a very fine line between obedience and idolatry. For me, this was a recent discovery. I realized I was making my priorities about keeping my home clean and providing the most nutritious and sustainable meals I could. As well as making an hour by hour guide to follow among many other homemaker duties and I quickly lost sight of what this is all about.

Recently I was able to visit with some wonderful women at my church and something of an epiphany happened! I have been making my position as homemaker my idol and forgetting to incorporate the most important element of it all, Jesus! This is not to say that He isn’t talked about or we don’t read our bible everyday during school. This is about the fact that I was making my priority about how clean I could get the house, frugal I could be, how creative I could be etc and missing opportunities where I could be sharing the gospel with my children. I firmly believe there comes a point where the lists need to be put down, the broom needs to be put away, the dishes need to sit for just a bit longer and those little ones (or big ones if you’ve got them) need to be shown your love, passion and admiration for this magnificent Savior whom we call Father and Lord. Does it mean let the house fall completely apart and never clean again? No! It means, take this beginning part of a new year and re-evaluate where the priorities are. Make sure this pursuit of noble womanhood hasn’t gotten off track spiritually somewhere. Look into your heart and make sure it hasn’t quickly forgotten where you’ve come from, like the children of Israel did.

I heard a statement in a song one time that said, “Sometimes my world gets filled with so much noise that my heart gets pulled away. But I find my peace in You.” May we grab hold of that sometimes wondering heart and point it back in the direction of where it should be heading. Let’s destroy those idols that have a tendency to sneak up in the most unexpected places and re-define this journey of nobility…

About the Author: My name is Jerica and I am a mother of 3 little ones and help meet to my husband Matthew. My heart is for women longing to fulfill their desire of nobility in following biblical womanhood. While it can be a daunting and sometimes tiresome task I hope to offer encouragement, ideas, biblical answers to real life struggles etc. for women all over the world. You can follow me on my journey at