The Receive - Give Cycle

God puts people in your life for a reason. You may have some people in your life only for a season, but there is still a reason. Two important ones could be : Receive - Sometimes receiving can be as hard as giving. Very often pride, jealousy, credentials etc holds us back from tapping into what we can receive and learn from the people around you. By receive, i do not mean being greedy to snatch what others carry or setting an agenda to your relationship with them. What i mean is, being willing to learn from what others have gained over the years through their experiences, failures, successes or even what they are naturally gifted with. A wise person learns from the mistakes and capitalizes on the success of others. 2 things to take away :

A – Don’t be that person who is always neglecting or denying a good word just because you are not impressed with who said it. B – Don’t let pride or jealousy steal your chance to learn from someone under you.

Give - As you grow into new levels of influence and higher positions, it can become very easy to push away people in your life who are much lower and does not add anything to you. It is important to remember that a cup can be refilled only if what is in has leaked out.

Remember the famous Spiderman dialogue? “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Start calculating your success based on how much good you are imparting to those around you. Recreate yourself in somebody else but let them control how much of you they need to become who they need to be. (You may need to read that again )

Finally, two questions to ask yourself :

Are you learning from the experience, mistakes and wisdom that somebody else is carrying? Are you sharing what you’ve received to those who look up-to you and fall under your sphere of influence?

I would love to learn from you. Please post a comment if you have anything to share related to this topic. God Bless you!

About the Author: My name is Joel. I write about things i learn while living. I hope, pray and believe that every post i write touches someone’s heart and help them live better, stronger and happier. I believe there’s more in us than whats seen most often. My desire is to see myself and others live as ambassadors of heaven who release the sound of heaven over everything on earth. You can find my blog at and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.