The Path To Follow

DSC00113I was never a person to use an instruction manual to assemble things—it was too tedious a job. I thought if I used common sense and a logical mind I could master any project. I was in awe to see my daughter pouring over a car manual, and another time an insurance policy. And it wasn’t even as a last resort.

If not for this amazing daughter, I wouldn’t have gotten my blog up and running.

You can imagine the snags I’ve been caught in with my lazy inclination to just wing it.

I did, however, change my approach as I began living for the Lord. I realized the need to understand the Christian manual—the Bible. This practice gave me new insight into not only who He is, by who I am as a believer. It gave me a new identity. I was compelled to slow down so I wouldn’t miss a thing He had to say.

He gave us the Holy Spirit to enlighten, comfort, guide and to direct. God sees far down the road and has a perfect plan to establish our paths…When we follow his instruction manual.

About the Author: My name is Kay. I've had a few professions over the years and am adding writing to my resume. My latest work is a Christian fiction book and I'm almost finished with the edits. A few fun facts about me: Miss Minneapolis, Professional Model, Professional Singer, National Champion Autocross Racer. You can find me on the web at