The Past is Behind Us – A Back To School Game


the past is behind us gameThis game will help kids understand that they shouldn’t dwell on past mistakes. As a new school year approaches, and we face new situations, challenges and opportunities, children need to remember that they should move on, accept Christ’s forgiveness for all, and embrace the future. Materials

  • Two empty tissue boxes
  • Eight Ping-Pong balls
  • Two belts
  • Scissors


Kids will have to jump and dance and shake as hard and fast as they can to be the first person to get all four Ping-Pong balls out of their tissue box.


Cut two slits on the bottom of each tissue box about three inches apart. Slide one end of the belt through both slits so that the tissue boxes are in the middle of the belts.


The best way to greet your new school year with enthusiasm is to let go of all the things in the past that made you feel dumb, ashamed, awkward or like a failure somehow. We can’t ever go back and redo or revisit what has been done. All we can do is learn from the past and move forward.

Let’s pretend the ping pong balls in this game are all of the things from the past that made us feel dumb, ashamed, awkward, or like a failure somehow. We are going to shake all of those things free, releasing them and letting them go forever, so we can be ready to begin our next journey in life with a fresh and clear perspective! By doing this, nothing can hold us back.


  1. If possible, split the children into two teams.
  2. Have teams sit together and choose one person to go first.
  3. Have the first players put on the belts so that the tissue box is at the small of their backs.
  4. Stick four Ping-Pong balls in each tissue box.
  5. When you say “Go!” the children will begin to dance, jump, and shake to get the Ping-Pong balls out of their tissue boxes.
  6. Children may only move around to get the balls out; they may not use their hands or anything else.
  7. Whoever gets their Ping-Pong balls out first, wins that round.
  8. After all children have taken a turn, the team with the most rounds won wins.

*If you are playing with only one child, you can use a timer and play a couple of rounds and see the quickest time the child can get.


It’s okay to relive a memory here and there, but we can’t focus our time and energy on what happened or what could have happened. If we are focusing on the past, we aren’t giving our full attention to the present.

And the present is what will help us prepare for the future. If we work hard and focus, our futures will be bright and full of even better opportunities. Dwelling on the past gets you nowhere, but concentrating on the here and now will help you embrace the future with all of the challenges and opportunities that it brings!

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