The Importance of Being Thankful

many thanksLiving a life in gratitude and thanks can change your life for the better. Simply the act of giving thanks for the smallest things can change your outlook on your experience in this life. If you’re a wife and a mother this can be especially helpful to look on each happening in your life in a new and grateful way, even when you’re stressed out. We all go through ups and downs but if we can control our thoughts and the way we look at things to being thankful it will go far in helping us overcome almost anything. Putting it in perspective — Think of a family who experiences a house fire. Their entire home and all the possessions inside are gone forever. Every picture, gone, every memory, gone. Yet, the family is alive, and they are overcome with joy and gratitude that they are still alive and healthy. They are often giddy with delight and happiness even as they lost everything else. It’s only later, that the loss of the things comes into play, and the family members find it harder to be as thankful as they were at first. Being thankful for even the air you breathe can take practice and focus.

Start the day right – Each morning take time, even one minute, to say a small prayer of thanks to God. Even if you just thank God that the baby didn’t wake up 20 times at night, or that you are fortunate enough to wake up at all, that’s good enough. Your mood will change from day to day, go with the flow and just find one thing to thank God for, so that you can start the day in gratitude.

Turn your thoughts – When you are having a bad day or moment, try switching your thoughts. Baby screaming all day? Try being thankful that your baby can scream and is alive. See the sheer joy in the fact that your baby is healthy enough to let out a good loud scream! I know it’s not that easy but it is very possible to change the way you think of things if you just try. Flipping your attitude from stress, or anger, to thankfulness will become second nature with practice.

Learning to be thankful that your husband is sitting on the couch with his feet up instead of helping you in the kitchen will take a lot of practice, but consider the alternatives. The alternative of not having him there at all is far too possible.  This is not to say you should not ask for help, but it is to say that looking on the bright side of any situation can make you feel a lot more calm and happy and even joyous about life. The importance of thankfulness in your life will literally be the difference between having a full and happy life or a lonely miserable one. God calls us to be thankful and joyous in life, but no one said it would be easy. Just remember that with God all things are possible.