The Faith of a Child

A little child sat patiently Beside her mother’s weary feet

And as she looked adoringly upwards

Tear-stained cheeks, her eyes did meet

* * *

The drops of sadness, they did fall

Onto her daughter’s now anxious face

And the oh! so pretty Sunday dress

Had pools of tattered lace

* * *

‘Twas to be a day so full of expectation

‘Twas to be a day with joy unknown

This little girl in her Sunday best

Now sat frightened, feeling very alone

* * *

“I cannot do it,” the mother cried

‘Tis way too much to bear

Then the child reached forth so lovingly

Reassuring her someone was there

* * *

“Dearest Mother, I’m here for you”

The child now sobbing, cried

“We’ll make it through this day somehow

The three of us alive”

* * *

“Three, no there’s just you and me

Two, just two, you by my side

The days will filter past our eyes

The tears will cleanse and hide”

* * *

“But Mumma, Jesus lives

And in our midst He surely stands

He’s promised to never leave, forsake us

Look at His love nail-pierced hands”

* * *

The loss had come from nowhere

And yet it hadn’t yet taken hold

For this dear, sweet woman had nearly chosen

To go back to a life so dark, so cold

* * *

Suffering memories of greatest depth

The pain almost too much to bear

About to release her only hope

And go back to the old life of despair

* * *

Praise God! This little girl was open

To her Father’s endless love

Allowing it to flow in and through her

Filling her mother once again, with Love

About the Author: My name is Liana. Over ten years ago I began writing children’s short stories and poetry which were accepted for publication through a British publishing house.  The Lord had other plans though, and it didn’t proceed. With time, He has led me through permitted trials, heartache and long-term illness and allowed the pain, the questions and the joy to overflow onto the page, bringing Him glory. It is my heart’s desire, that these posts will bring special moments to the little ones and comfort for anyone hurting, those crying unseen tears, anyone needing the Saviour …. and we all do!  You can find me on the web at