The "B" Key

I dropped my brand new cell phone in a tub of water a few months ago. I felt like one of the characters in a Southwest Airlines commercial when the announcer says, “Want to get away?” At first, the phone didn’t work at all well, but then I took it to a cell phone doctor, who cleaned the keys and brought the phone back up to speed. It was a miracle! However, lately, there is one key that does not work efficiently. As I am hurriedly trying to text a friend or my family, the “B” key always sticks. Every time there is a word with a “B” in it, I have to slow down, press it a number of times, usually getting one of the other letters near it rather than the “B” until finally, the “B” appears, almost always in capital form. A text, that takes five times as long as it did before, might read, “I’ll Be there in aBout ten minutes.” I never realized how many words have the letter “B” in them!

I started thinking about how irritating this little proBlem is, when I realized it could be a tool used by God to slow me down! I confess, I text a lot, mainly because it’s a fast way to communicate and I’m generally running on high speed. When I have to stop to labor over the “B” key, it slows me down overall, and forces me to focus on one thing.

I thought, “God has a very important “B” key as well!” It’s the key to getting to know him better and is found in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s a verse I have displayed on my snack bar and a message that God sends me often, because He knows I have a difficult time slowing down my rapid pace, to simply listen to him. Like the “B” key on my phone, the Lord provides numerous reminders telling me to stop my busyness and meditate on His Word. If you are unaBle to slow down, what’s your “B” key?

Lisa Burkhardt Worley is a Christian motivational speaker who has worn numerous hats throughout her life. She was both a national and local television sportscaster for 19 years with HBO Sports, the Madison Square Garden Network, ESPN and the local CBS affiliate in San Antonio. She was also the spokesperson for San Antonio International Airport for five years, part of which was during 9-11.

After she rededicated her life to Christ in 1993, God led Burkhardt Worley on a path that has included numerous ministry leadership positions. At her former church in San Antonio, Texas, Lisa was the chairperson of the Evangelism Committee. She also was a leader for the Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry, Priority Associates, where she spoke numerous times at events and led Bible studies in the business community. She taught Sunday school for a decade in San Antonio.

Since moving to Flower Mound, in 2005, Lisa completed her Masters of Theological Studies Degree at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. At Perkins, she was recognized as one of the top students in Division 1 Studies (Biblical Witness.) She is currently the leader over women\'s ministry at Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church in Flower Mound, a 4000 member church, and speaks regularly to a monthly women\'s luncheon at Trietsch called First Friday Feast, a ministry she co-founded. Lisa is a strong proponent of small group ministry, having facilitated small groups in both San Antonio and Flower Mound for over fifteen years.

Throughout the course of her career, Burkhardt Worley has won numerous local and national awards, both academically and professionally.

Lisa has been married to Jeff Worley for 24 years and has two children, Kyle, 21, and Bret, 14.