Thanking your Pastor, 8 Ways to Show your Appreciation


Has your pastor made a huge impact on your life? Has a leader from your Church been there for you through trying times? Church Leaders do so much more than share the Gospel. They care for the sick, perform weddings, and lead outreach efforts. There are many reasons that you might want to say thanks to your pastor or leaders within your church. Here are a few ideas for expressing your appreciation:

1. Never underestimate the power of a well written thank you note. It feels wonderful to open up an envelope and find a heartfelt thank you note. This need not be anything elaborate, just a few words to express how thankful you are. Sometimes a call works just as well!

2. Raise your hand to volunteer. There are so many things that a volunteer can do to save Church Leaders time and money, or just take the load of their shoulders. Maybe it’s serving as a Sunday School substitute, or using your gardening skills to beautify an outdoor space. Volunteering is a great way to show that you care.

3. Say a prayer. Prayer is a powerful way to express your faith and give thanks. Thank your Church Leaders by offering the gift of prayer.

4. Give a thoughtful gift. By asking a few questions, you can probably find a special book or CD that’s been on your Pastor’s wish list.

5. Raise funds for your Congregation, or for a Church project. Fundraising is a time-consuming, but necessary function of the Church. Consider taking on a project. Set up an online giving site for your youth group or plan a car wash.

6. Arrange services for your Pastor. It feels wonderful to have your house cleaned or your lawn mowed. These are services you can arrange, or do yourself and they’re a great way to show your appreciation.

7. Make a scrapbook. Put together a book with pictures and memories from your Church to share with those who helped create them.

8. Take your Pastor to dinner. Taking your Pastor out for a meal is great way to thank them. It also gives you the opportunity to thank them personally.

Church Leaders do so much to help the community. Taking the time and energy to say a quick thank-you is sure to brighten their day!


Written By: Jennifer Costa

Jennifer Costa is a writer with a heart for making a difference. For the past 12 years, Jennifer has served faith-based organizations, starting her career as a behavioral case manager for homeless families. Since 2009, Jennifer has worked with Harvest Food & Outreach Center, serving as their Chief Programs Officer and later, Executive Director. She was a Lutheran Church of the Redeemer School Board Member (2008-2009). In early 2015, Jennifer began working with Continue to Give, an organization that provides an online giving and tithing platform for Churches, Missionaries, Non-Profits and Adopting Families.