Ten Things to Pray for your {Future} Husband

Back in February I mentioned that I pray for my future husband on a regular basis. I try to spend time each day praying for him. I started this practice years and years ago because even though I don't know who my future husband is or when we will marry I do know that when I am married I will want prayer to be a regular part of my life with my husband and for my husband so I have tried to begin the habit now and get into the practice. (Is it just me or aren't the good habits so hard to start sometimes?? *smiles*) One of the things things I have been asked recently is exactly what I pray for my future husband, so I wanted to share today just a few of the things that I pray for him (in no particular order). If you are married I highly encourage you to pray for your husband and if you are single or engaged, I encourage you to start praying for your future husband starting now!

1. I pray that if he does not know the Lord that he would surrender his life to the Lord and if he does know the Lord as his personal savior that he would grow in his relationship with the Lord daily.(John 3:16)

2. I pray that I would begin to even now prepare to be a good wife for my husband and would treat him with loving actions- in my words and deeds, and that I would give him the respect, love, and graciousness that is due to him everyday.(Proverbs 31:10-31) 3. I pray that his self-image and identity would be found in Christ alone and I also pray for my the work that he does. {This may seem strange to tie these two together but I have know so many men that struggle with making work their identity.}

4. I pray that he would remain pure and would be free from any past decisions. (Isaiah 43:18-19) I also pray that he would be free from temptation (current and in the future). (Romans 12:9)

5. I pray that he would be obedient to the ways of the Lord and that he would follow the Lord in all of his ways. (Psalm 25:4,5)

6. I pray that he would be set free from fears that he may have: of his career, future, present, past, etc. I pray that he would find deliverance from his fears in the Lord's love. (I John 4:18)

7. I pray that his heart would be sensitive to the things of the Lord and that his talk would reflect his heart. (Proverbs 4:23 and Psalms 34:12-13)I pray that he would know his purpose clearly and where the Lord is calling him. (Psalm 20:4)

8. I pray that he would have good health.

9. I pray that the Lord would comfort him and sustain him during any trials that he is dealing with currently. (Psalm 46:1)

10. I pray that the Lord would bless him with amazing godly friends. I pray that he will also have good relationships with everyone that is in his life.

Are there any specific prayers that you pray for your future spouse about? I would love to hear what things you pray for! Please share with us in the comments!

About the Author: Ms. Rebecca VanDeMark is a former High School History and Bible teacher who has taught in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. She is the founder of an Etsy company called “The Paper Sonnet” which donates a portion of all of its proceeds to charity and blogs about her love for Jesus and life at: www.caravansonnet.com. Passionate about education and writing, Rebecca holds several degrees and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Legal Studies from West Virginia University. Rebecca currently resides in New York and Tennessee. She welcomes emails at: caravansonnet@gmail.com.