Stop The Insanity

Getting rid of that little extra can be rather difficult and sometimes downright painful. For those of us that are more aware of our diet than others, it tends to be not so much an issue. These people have trained their   body by discipline and keeping a good routine of eating right and exercise. Let’s take a look at that for a moment. Being physically fit, what does it take? First, we have to commit to doing whatever it takes to reach our goal. Second, we set out our plan of action on what we’re going to do and how often. Third, we move on that action plan and eat the right diet and perform the right exercise. Persistence is the key in being fit. We can’t just take a magic pill, although I’m sure everyone would rather that, and become perfectly fit and healthy. We cut out all the things that will cause our body harm. We stop eating a lot of sugar and unhealthy foods. We stop lying around and start becoming more active. We also begin to give our body the proper rest it needs.

With all the talk of the importance of being physically fit, especially at the beginning of every year, it tends to overshadow the most important thing in our life. How fit are we spiritually?

What does it take to become spiritually fit? Just like wanting to be physically healthy, the same characteristics apply for becoming spiritually healthy. First, we have to commit time in God’s word and in prayer. Second, we set our plan of action on what we’re going to do and how often. Third, we move on that action plan by eating right spiritually (reading God’s word) and performing the right exercise (prayer and service). We stay away from unhealthy things…. the things that will cause you harm. Believe it or not, God has these things listed out in His word. Colossians 3:5-11 is a great guide to becoming spiritually fit.

So what do you say? It’s time to get away from the junk and start getting healthy.

About the Author: My name is Matthew Hill. I am a husband to a wonderful wife, a father of 4 fantastic kids and a musician. My desire is growing every day to share the gospel and encourage others. Writing has become a great joy to me recently. I have written numerous songs and some small words of encouragement. I am actively playing music with Soulejoie around the Branson area and am excited with what God is doing.