Stillness Bank Account

I am a hoarder of peace… I squander it… I try to save it up. When I know a busy week is ahead of me, I attempt to get a peaceful weekend. I thought that was what God meant when he advised me to “be still”. So, I was trying… really trying… to steal moments of stillness. As if stillness and peace were a bank account, I’d make deposits and then I would try to withdrawal from that bank as my busy week progressed. I was getting discouraged and upset when that strategy wasn’t working or when something would get in the way of my stillness and peace. Why must things interrupt my being still? My stillness bank account would run low real quickly… sometimes with my first withdrawal.

Then, I got it. Then, I realized that God doesn’t mean for me to hoard, squander, save-up, steal moments of stillness, or make deposits… He meant for me to find Him in those busy moments. Smack dab in the middle of that moment. To “be still” God meant that I must search for the stillness that I can only find in Him. I was saving up for tomorrow… when the only moment that mattered was now… God wanted me seek Him at this moment.

In the noise and business of everyday life… during the haste and demands of our responsibilities… at that moment when we are overwhelmed and burdened by stress… that is when we must “be still” in God’s promises. That is when we must “Be still and know that He is God”… He is in control… He will give us rest… He will carry our burdens.

I was waiting until the weekend to search for God’s stillness; forgetting that His stillness is always available to me. It is especially important for me to find that gift from God when I am in the moment of un-stillness…. allowing Him to save me from myself.

I will close my stillness bank account… I’ve made my last deposit. I will choose to seek God's stillness and peace in the midst of it all.

About the Author: I am Melissa. I am a child of God. My blog is an invitation to you, yes…you, to join me on this journey through life. As I share my own story, you will find yourself saying “You TOO?!” In these moments we are encouraged to realize the simple truth… we are not alone and we are all a part of one… THE One. You can find me on the web at