Spring Cleaning

I just have to say how much I love spring! Yesterday we had every window and door open with fresh air blowing into the house and the kids played outside all day. I love spring. With spring, comes spring cleaning. Time to give the windows a good cleaning, I dislike this and only do it in spring. Time to sweep out the garage and organize everything. Just time to get everything clean and start fresh.

What about our lives? What needs cleaning in our lives?

Are there habits we need to clean out? Too much computer time each day? Nightly bowl of ice cream? Smoking? Watching too much television?

What about Facebook? Are there people that you need to clean out? If you have facebook friends that are spreading gossip, maybe they need cleaned out. If you have friends of the opposite gender that are causing you temptations of any kind, maybe they need to be cleaned out. Maybe you have pictures that are not appropriate to post on the world wide web and need to clean them out.

"...first clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean." Matthew 23:26

We need to clean out the junk in our lives so that God can shine through. What do you have in your life that needs some spring cleaning? I encourage you to pray about this and really listen to what God wants you to clean. This can truly be a chance to grow in God and start fresh this spring time.

Sweet Blessings~ Jenifer

My name is Jenifer and my husband, Jeremy, and I have been married for thirteen years and we have been blessed with four beautiful children. I am a house wife and homeschooling mom. My husband and I are active in ministry and preparing to assist in a church plant. I am founder and co-leader of Woman to Woman Ministries. Family is very important to me and I have been greatly blessed with a wonderful family.

I blog daily about things God is teaching me. I am learning that I need God seven days a week, not just Sunday morning. Please stop by www.jenifermetzger.org for daily encouragement!