Something Greater, Something Deeper

There is a search for something greater, something deeper.  Whether we look for it in what we perceive as good, or darken into something we perceive as mysterious, we look for it none the less.  We were created for perfection.  How we strive for it can be contrasted in different roads.  The intimacy we desire we mistakenly attain on our own.  It is not for us to fulfill and therefore we are left void and continue to search. I often think about Adam and Eve and their desire for something else.  Then I think about Genesis 3:8 where it says God walked in the garden in the cool of the day and He called out to Adam and Eve, who were hiding in their shame.  But then I think the most amazing thing of all:

Adam and Eve got to walk with God, in the garden, all the time, before they sinned.

They had something greater, something deeper.

It boggles my mind.  They gave it up.  What boggles my mind even more….is that I would have too.  I do everyday.  Living for God, living for Christ, is all day, everyday.  The perfection we were created for is Christ.  Our search for intimacy can only be fulfilled by Him.  It is a continual process that we have to be renewed by all day, everyday.

To be honest, my heart has been lazy lately.  A personal rebellion of selfishness.  Part of it stems from discouragement that comes from myself.  I try to achieve my own type of perfection and I fail miserably.  The rest comes from sheer laziness and a lack of focus, excuses because I am not being renewed all day, everyday.  Then I hear God calling me, from the garden, in the cool of the day.  Telling me not to hide in my shame because Perfection has been completed.  It is Christ.

He is something greater, something deeper.

Let us stop desiring the else.  Let us grow more intimate with Christ through our daily renewal.  Let us strive towards Perfection.  Let us hear God’s calling— into something greater, something deeper.

“For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.” Col 1:19-20

About the Author: To give glory to Christ, to follow His calling, and to do love, is the desire of my heart along with encouraging others to do the same. was just started to advocate adoption, share our journey, and spur others into following Christ's calling in their lives, whatever that may be. I have another blog, that has been untouched for awhile but is devotional and reflective personally after my Mom died.