Social Media and Ministry

Can Social Media be used within ministry is a question that is being tossed about. Does Social Media have a place in the world of ministry? Do you feel stressed or discouraged at the thought of adding social media to your church marketing plan?  Social media can be used within your ministry. Some of the ways that a church or ministry can use social media can be:

  1. to inform members of upcoming events,
  2. to stay in touch with members during the week,
  3. to tweet your sermon title,
  4. to post pictures of past events,
  5. to post newsletter articles or other information, and
  6. to find out what the young people of the church are thinking.
  7. Relax.  Start Small...

These are just a few ideas that I have. Share your thoughts with me. How do you feel about social media and ministry? What other ways can we connect through social media? with others?

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and even Linkedin.

I look forward to meeting you.

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