So You Want To Be A Rebel

You don't want to do get stuck doing some dead end job, working in a cubicle, or any kind of unadventurous career. You want to be around awesome hip people who are artistic and liberal (not in the political sense, calm down), you want to LIVE. And you have decided that there is no life to be found in the normal, conventional way.

Welcome to our whole generation. Welcome to a group of people who want to be unique and want to be seen for their differences. They want to hang out. They want to  own a coffee shop and major in philosophy. They want to be that grandparent one day that's all tatted and until then be a missionary with their incredibly hot spouse, speaking prophesy or performing miraculous healing in third world countries.

This whole idea of picking what you want to be, and then picking something else when God is leading you: it has only been a possibility for the past 50 so years. In those same 50 years, the economy has plummeted, the divorce rate sky rocketed, and the idea of a work ethic has been twisted into a list of excuses from your Myers-Briggs results. Knowing what you want is not the same as making a commitment, and that's why things have gotten so out of control.

You want to be a rebel? Get a real job, stick with it, pay your own bills and shut up. Be faithful to serving The Lord in the mundane. Moses tended sheep for 40 years before he led the people out of Egypt. Jesus was a carpenter for 20 years before he had three years of ministry. You wanting to be excited and not bored is not a god centered passion: it's a self centered idol. I'm right there with you. But, if we are to be spirit led, then our sole passion must be being in Christ, and our hearts pounding because He is our Savior. That's revolutionary. That is rebellious.

God is with you always, He will teach you and speak to you in every circumstance and place. If we shut our yappers and listen, maybe then we will actually hear and see what God is already doing, and we can join Him and not the other way around. Be encouraged, He loves you and has a plan for you. He might even let you know, but don't count on it: count on Him.

About the Author: Dev loves Jesus and loves tattoos. She plans on spending her life learning to abide by His grace to be lead to love: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Check out her targeted 20-something blog at, a blog that wants to help define the fine line, the bridge, between the World and the Word.