Save Money on Your Current Expenses

All too often there is very little left to cut out of the expense category in a budget. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to increase the amount coming in, so you may need to be creative in the ways in which you spend your money. If you are in the position of needing to scale back on what you are spending yet have nothing left to cut out, try some of these ideas: Cable/Internet/Phone

In this day and age, it is almost a requirement to have at least internet in your home. Internet providers have picked up on this trend and have made it very attractive to bundle your cable, internet, and phone into one package deal. Although this may be a good deal to begin with, the monthly cost can jump exponentially after the introductory offer expires. Keep the future in mind when choosing your provider and make sure that you are fully aware of what the additional costs will be and when they will begin. Once your introductory offer is over, you have a few choices. The first option is to switch your provider once the introductory time is over, if you are not bound by a contract. Another option is to call your provider and ask them what they can do for you; you’d be surprised what they can do for you, especially if they think you will be going with a competitor.

Car Insurance

If you drive, auto insurance is a necessity. It is important to make sure that you are getting the best coverage for the lowest price on a regular basis. Although many insurance companies offer a discount for loyalty, that discount may be offset by changing carriers altogether. Getting quotes from other insurance companies at least one a year will keep you informed as well as may save you money over time.


We all need to shop for something at some time. Knowing how to shop will help you to save money. Here are some tips on common shopping activities:

Groceries: The grocery store can be one of the largest expenditures aside from your mortgage/rent. A few keys to successfully conducting your shopping trip are to prepare a menu, have a specific list, eat before you go, buy nothing that is not on the list.

Clothing: Know what you need before you go. Just like with grocery shopping, you should have a list. If you are shopping for something specific to go with an existing outfit, bring the outfit with you so that you do not buy multiple items to see what goes best with what you already have. Never buy at full price. Enough research and looking around will prove that what you are looking for is on sale somewhere. Also, do not rule out second hand stores. Many of these stores carry only name brand articles of clothing that are in near perfect condition for a fraction of the cost.

Reducing your expenditures within your current budget can be done. Look at every expenditure and see if you can replace it with something that costs less. Look for ways to save in every nook and cranny within your budget. Perseverance and diligence will pay off in the future.

About the Author: Author Sandy Landsford is an accountant and blogs for, a site where you can get cheap car insurance. Get a quote today!