Rooted in Christ - Rooted in Love

January every year our church holds a winter revival. The purpose is to set our hearts toward the Lord as we start each New Year, keeping the main thing, the main thing. During the last night of the revival this year, I was truly impressed upon by the Holy Spirit, and I wanted to share with you what stood out to me. You see, while the calendar pages say that we are at the beginning of the year, the school calendar tells me that we are knee deep in the trenches of the school year. As we may struggle, or grow weary God is faithful.

The theme of this year’s Revival is Rooted… and the final night the topic was Rooted in Love. First we need to talk about the kind of love we are referring to. We are talking about agape love, the kind of unconditional love that God has for us. We are not capable of this love. That is we are not capable, apart from God’s power.

How can we access God’s power? As Christians, Christ wants to dwell in us. What does that mean? Look at it this way, there is a difference between a guest and a resident. God wants access to our entire life, not to be simply designated to the guest room, or to part of our life. Are you willing to give God the keys to your whole life!

Once you have given Christ the keys to your life, you are ready to be ‘Rooted’ in Him. When you are rooted into a source, you draw from that source. For example, if you have an oil well in your backyard, you would not tap into that well, and expect to get fresh clean water. So as, we tap into Jesus Christ, we are tapping into His love, and His power. And by tapping in our power source, we can allow God to work through us. And show and share God’s love for us, to our family, and those around us.

So how does that translate to us homeschool moms? I can tell you, personally, that there have been many times this year, that I have felt that I was at my wits end. That I simply was not equipped to finish this course set before me. Yes, I was going through the motions, fulfilling my duties, but, I felt very ill equipped. Well, I was, ill equipped that is. That is because I was trying to ‘muscle’ through on my own strength, and in my own power. And not relying on God’s strength. Sure I was reading my bible, I was faithful to church, and I was even faithful in my prayer life. However, in the heat of the moment, I was just overcome, and not turning to the Lord.

I am so thankful for the reminder this year that I need to remain plugged into the source, into Jesus Christ. Otherwise, my life will be like a living room lamp left unplugged…..powerless! Let’s get Rooted in Christ in 2012!

Author Bio: Jennifer is a Christian homeschool mother. She has been homeschooling her 5 energetic children, by the grace of God, for 12 years! Her first 2 are set to graduate this year! Jennifer is thankful to have been able to provide a Christian Education for her children all of their years. You can visit her blog at where she reviews curriculum, shares about frugal homeschooling and living and about her home businesses.