Right Smack In The Middle

Matthew 6:3333 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

This verse has really come to life for me the last 3 months. My husband was laid off right before Christmas, cutting our income in half. This isn't the first time we have faced this in our 7 year marriage, but this is the first time that our needs were met without us having to borrow money. We were able to keep the bills current and food on the table, our tithes paid and enough gas in the car to get to our church There wasn't anything extra, we weren't able to get anything on our "want" list, but our needs were met.

I am finding out that the Bible is not just a big book of old stories, the Word is living and it applies to you and it applies to me. If we take God's promises to heart and obey His instruction He will absolutely do as He has promised, even though those promises are not always what we think they should be they are always in line with His will for our lives and I am reminded that He only has plans for our good. Jeremiah 29:11

I am reading through the Bible this year, I read today the first few chapters of the book of Numbers, which in previous pursuits to read the Bible had proved boring. It is all about the attitude, I realized that God has instruction and applications planned for me every single time I pick up the scriptures and today was no exception. I read in Numbers 1-4 It is all about how the priests are to break down and move the Tabernacle. I had read it before but never caught what could be the most important application to my life. God, in His wisdom, instructed the Israelites to make camp around the tabernacle, where God dwelt. God was made the center of their entire lives, from the time they woke up and exited their tents until they went to bed each night, God was in the middle of their lives.

When you place something dead center, it touches everything on the outside edges because everything else revolves around the center. When we seek God first He becomes the very center of our focus our lives revolve around Him. He touches every part of our lives.

AHA!!! I get it Lord!

Father thank you for revealing Yourself to me through Your word. Forgive me for ever thinking that the Bible was just a stuffy book of rules. I am putting You first God, front and center, touch every part of my life for Your glory. In Jesus name, amen.

Angie Smith is a homeschooling WAHM of 5 kids. She gave her life to Christ in OCT 2008 and has been active in ministry since, serving as Worship leader, secretary, teacher and occasional floor mopper at her church. She loves Jesus and is inspired to share her stories of believing, worshiping and leading. Visit Angie on the web at http://thoughts4theroad.com