Release YOUR Captive Voice

A ragged man urged himself through the desert. He refused to die in the sandy sea. Eventually, he was rescued, sheltered, and given a new livelihood away from the painful, yet privileged life he had formerly known. But it all changed when he was leading his sheep to pasture one day. A bush burst into flame along the path he passed everyday. Yet something was odd about the bush—it didn’t burn. How was it possible? And then something really strange happened—it spoke. The man soon discovered that it was not the bush or even the flame that spoke, but I AM. Eternity had invaded time to give this man a message. The God of all eternity had decided that the time had come for the man to be shaken from his comforts and sent back to the place of his pain. And no amount of childhood trauma or wrong deeds or governmental threats would keep him from fulfilling his destiny.

You know this story. It’s a snippet from the life of the greatest Prophet of the Old Testament and author of the Pentateuch: Moses, Prince of Egypt and Israel.

When we think about Moses, we think about his great supernatural feats, his prophetic and literary ministry, or even his bad stuttering problem. Yet rarely do we ever examine why Moses was a stutterer.

If you have ever seen The King’s Speech (one of my favourite movies) or if yourself have had a speech impediment such as stuttering, then you know that the root cause of these impediments is not merely a surface problem, but a deep-rooted fear spawned usually by a childhood trauma.

Bishop Tudor Bismark proposes that Moses had a childhood trauma involving snakes as is proof by his terror when God turned his staff into a snake. We recognize this as trauma to him because no man or woman born and bred in mystic Egypt, a place where serpents are intricately woven into the fabric of life, especially religion, should be afraid of serpents.

Maybe Moses was bitten. Whatever his snake trauma, it caused him to have a pronounced stutter which produced in him a fear of public speaking. In short, Moses had a captive voice.

For 80 years, two-thirds of his life, Moses was a vocal captive. But when God collided into his world, Moses was forced to be captive no more. And thus, he was propelled into his destiny.

Maybe you can relate.

Think about your life. What traumas—childhood or otherwise—have caused you to fear speaking that which God has given you to speak? What has kept you from writing, blogging, podcasting, and ministering that which God has created you to administer?

If you remain a vocal captive, you will never fulfill your destiny.

But God!

I have news for you! Not only has Christ led captivity captive, but He has also declared that this is the acceptable, favourable year (Ephesians 4:8, Isaiah 61:2)!

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to…proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. (Isaiah 61:1-2)

This is YOUR year to be “captive no more”!

Moses released his captive voice and became the greatest prophet in the Old Testament. Without him, the nation of Israel would be non-existent. What will be non-existent if you don’t choose to release your captive voice? Choose to be captive no more.

About the Author: Desiree M. Mondesir is the author of Godly Government and Faith and the Imagination. She is also the CEO of Desired Assistance, a virtual writing and editing company that she founded in 2010. She is also the hostess of Release the Captive Voice Tele-Seminar and online course. Desiree loves using her gift to share her heart with others as well as encourage and motivate them to pursue their own God-given dreams. You may connect with her on her website to obtain your free copy of Godly Government and other eBooks. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter @DesireeMondesir.