I burst into tears recently. In a public place. In a prayer meeting in fact. No surprises, I had expected to. Cumulative grief leaking out. I’d felt heavily burdened for weeks. It was only a partial release though and the rest of the day I had a deep and weighty sadness that blunted everything I did and every interaction I had. Couldn’t get free. Not on my own. So a couple of days later, I had a friend pray with me, having pre-warned him of the likely outcome. I had no agenda, just needed help. The expected release didn’t come. But God did. His presence was undeniably manifest. A complete and pervasive peace that just kind of arrived and then thickened and thickened, enveloping me like a big, thick, white duvet of comfort, security and assuredness. I didn’t notice the heaviness leaving but it is completely gone. I floated off to work and have been fine since. Prayer ministry. Recommended.

Hi, my name is Mark, I'm a happily married father of one, living in Auckland New Zealand. I've been following the Lord, sometimes even closely, for 10 and three-quarter years. The blog is about life as it hits me, warts and all. I pray that the Lord can use it because He's a lot cleverer than me and I don't really have any idea what I'm doing.

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