Relax, You Aren't In Control Anyway!

20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.  Genesis 50:20 There is no doubt satan plans evil against us.  He uses different tools to try to bring that evil to pass.   Praise God, Jesus gained our victory on the cross over 2000 years ago!  That victory is still in place, alive, and well!  No foe can come near what God has done and will continue to do!  As I write this post, I want to remind you, precious reader, there are three things that are secured for you!  Your salvation, healing, and deliverance from all distressing care.  Isaiah 53 is more than clear on your covenant with God when you receive Jesus as Lord!  As I write today, I am not talking about these three areas.  Today, I am writing about your future and the doors of opportunity that are coming and the doors God is going to concrete shut!

Have you ever tried to pry something open just to break it and make it useless?  In the prying open, or forcing something to turn a certain way,  you only created more work and frustration for yourself because you didn’t turn it correctly.  Many times after it has been forced, you realize all you had to do was gently turn it in a particular way and it would have gone right into place or come right open!  I have faced this many times when hubby has tried to “fix” something like a leaky sink.  One of my famous bylines has been,  ”DON’T FORCE IT, YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK IT AND THEN WE ARE REALLY GOING TO HAVE A MESS”!  Sure enough, he forced  it and we had a mess and more expense because then it was unfixable by an amateur.  We had to call a master craftsman that was skilled in that area and could get it back in working condition.  Over the years, we have learned NOT to force things!

We do this in our everyday lives, too.  It might be forcing something before its time.  I have seen many rush into marriages, just to realize they should have waited to get to know the person better and then get into messes.  I have seen people force the purchase of something of major expense, just to have the payment cause them to struggle to the point they could barely make their monthly bills, and the thing they thought they just had to have, become something that puts a strain on them more than it ever gave pleasure.  I have seen people who thought if they could just get that job promotion, salary and title they would be fulfilled, only to find that emptiness is still there weeks later and there were pressures with that job they had not anticipated!   In all of these situations, someone “finiggled” (a Texas word) and manipulated and set into motion something THEY thought was good and needed.

If you are having to pry, force, or manipulate to make something happen, it probably is not a good thing for you!  What has happened?   YOU decided it looked good, seemed good, therefore it must BE good!  I will use my daughter “Sunshine” as an example.  We sent our daughter to the University God told us to.  She wanted to be a doctor and we prayed, believed, stood on the word and she did exceptionally well.  She graduated with the toughest degree this school had to offer and it was not an easy school!   She worked for everything she got, because of her dream to be a doctor.   She graduated with honors and then began to apply for medical schools.  Nothing happened!  She applied again.  Nothing happened.  We stood, had others praying and still NOTHING!  I could not understand what was happening!  She had done all she could do.  People who had done much less was getting into Osteopath school at least!  One day she walked in and said, “I am tired of the application process.  I am going to nursing school and I am fine with that.”  At first, I thought she was giving up and compromising.  I prayed about it and God assured me though she had planned her steps He was directing her path and would get her where HE wanted her to be, which would be the best place for her!  I told my husband and he said this, “We have prayed, stood on the word, and it didn’t happen.  I don’t know why, but God has shut that door for a reason and we don’t need to try to force it open.  God is taking her to the best place for her and where He has destined her to go.”  I felt instant peace!  I began to think of all the possibilities she would have as a nurse and all the pressures that she would not have to face in being a doctor.  I decided to let go and let God!  At first, we were all disappointed.  It seemed like the enemy had tried to sabotage her dream but, little did we know, God was going to take it and make something much better for her!!

We still don’t know the end of this story.  It is yet to be written.  But,  I do know the “Master Craftsman” and I know He will fix it all.  This is where faith takes over.  I have dedicated my children to Him, raised them to serve Him.  They are both Spirit filled, born again, love the Lord with all their hearts Christians and God will honor their faithfulness to Him and their faith in Him.  He is in control of their lives.  I can relax and have peace knowing He will work all things for their good because His word promises it!

Is there something you have tried to force, just to hit a brick wall?  Stop and pray and commit it to God.  Tell Him you are trusting Him not only with your eternal life, but with your future as well.  God will bring every disappointment, every hurt, and all satan meant for evil and turn it for your good.  Make yourself available to Him in whatever capacity He wants to use you and see Him fulfill you in a way your plans never could!

Have a blessed day,  precious reader and relax!  God has this!  See you next time!

About the Author: Juliana has been a Christian for over forty years.  She is a retired teacher and lives in Texas with her husband and Chihuahua, Gracie.  She is an avid reader and loves to travel.  She writes a daily devotion for spiritual growth and encouragement at