Reasons to Attend a Christian College or University

1. Faith-based Environment – The main reason to choose to attend a Christian college or university is to foster your faith in a Christian environment. As you pursue a field of study and learn about the world, you will be in a familiar environment where you can openly share your beliefs. College is an important stage of personal growth for many people, so why not choose a place where you can grow in your faith as well? 2. Christian Professors – Your professors will teach from a Biblical point of view and help you understand the world from an educated Christian perspective. They will be not only teachers, but also positive mentors and role models. They will challenge your beliefs to help you grow in your faith, not to try to convince you to abandon it altogether.

3. Faith-filled Friends – The friends you make in college are often your friends for life. Since we are easily influenced by our peers, at a non-Christian college we may be led in the wrong direction. However, attending a Christian college will give you the opportunity to have friends who will encourage your faith, not discourage it.

4. Strengthen Your Faith – College is a wonderful opportunity to gain critical thinking skills and question everything you have learned previously – even what you were taught in Sunday school. At a Christian institution, you will have an opportunity to question your faith and discover exactly what you believe. You can openly question the tenants of Christianity without the fear of negative consequences. Questioning ultimately brings us to greater understanding of why we believe what we believe.

5. Christian Community – Most colleges offer opportunities to join interest groups and volunteer. At a Christian college, these will also be opportunities to expand your faith. You may join a Bible study, help out at Chapel services, or go on a missions trip. You will have a support network to help you put your beliefs into action and build the fundamental practices for a Christian life.

6. Quality Academics – Many Christian colleges have high academic standards that will help you to be prepared and successful to serve God in whatever field you choose. You will not only be prepared academically, but also spiritually.

7. Smaller Size – In general, Christian colleges tend to be smaller than traditional institutions. This means smaller class sizes, more opportunities for involvement, and more interaction with teachers and peers. Rather than sitting in a huge lecture hall with 400 other students, you will sit down with 20 of your peers and have a meaningful discussion. You will see your friends more often and have more opportunities to build relationships and encourage each other.

Marcia Colgar owns the page Christian Colleges Online. She writes many articles about Christian education.