Re-Thinking Evangalism

I noticed something in my devotionals yesterday that really struck me. Proverbs 14:25 states “A truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is deceitful.” While we cannot save lives in our own power, we have the power of the Holy Spirit who was sent to us, to lend us power. I find this interesting because there are many people who claim to not be evangelists. We are not necessarily talking the modern use of the word, where people go out and knock on doors or go to other events to spread Jesus, but rather the raw sharing of Jesus; in whatever fashion works for the person. This can be sharing with your friends and family, going on an outreach or preaching from the pulpit. It doesn’t matter, as long as the Gospel is being told. I want to make the argument that a real and true Christian (a truthful witness of Christ) will be an evangelist and change lives. When you ask Jesus into your heart, repent and ask Him to be the Lord of your life, you surrender everything you have to Him; this means that He WILL use you.

This verse says that if we are truthful witnesses we will save lives, how can we save lives without sharing Jesus? This blows out the argument that some people aren’t evangelists, if you are a Christian then you are an evangelist. Evangelizing is the result of understanding the grace of God in our lives, when we truly understand His grace we are then compelled to share it with others. A truthful witness of Christ understands this grace, love and truth that is held within the pages of the Bible; a true witness can’t help but share the Gospel with those in his life.

So I ask, you who claim not to be evangelists, do you understand the grace of God? Do you understand the sacrifice made by Jesus? Do you feel His grace and love every day of you life? Are you so overflowing with grace that you can’t contain the happiness and joy anymore? If not, I ask that you look deep into your heart and repent for the lack of understanding that holds you back from really loving Christ. Seek out the Lord Jesus and ask Him to truly reveal His grace and love to you, so that you can be a truthful witness to this world and that you can, through His power, change lives.

About the Author: James Williams is 21 years old and has a passion for the Lord! Together with his wife and two children he travels with Christ down the road to Damascus. As Saul was blinded by light, so was he, and his life has been forever changed. Join him at