Raising Godly Children

Every parent wants his child to grow up well and to reach his fullest potential. In this world where bad influences abound and morals seem to be degenerating, many parents may have this question in mind: is it still possible to raise children who fear God? The answer here is a resounding yes, and the key to doing this is to start as early as you can towards guiding your children towards the right path. Be a good role model. This is simply one of the most important ways that you could ensure that your child grows up well. Whatever value you want to impart to your child, the best way to teach it is to consistently show them that you yourself demonstrate this value. “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart…” Luke 6:45. Pray that you will consistently be able to model values to your child, no matter what the situation is.

Be an authoritative parent. A wealth of studies shows that parents who can balance between showing their authority and their affection are the ones who could raise well-adjusted children. The important thing is to establish ground rules, and to give your child freedom within these boundaries. Do know that young children appreciate the feeling that they are not the ones in charge, and they could look up to an authority to help them make their decisions.

Expose your children to good influences only. Remember that children are highly impressionable, and it’s up to you to ensure that they’re far away from negative influences for as long as possible. Very young children don’t have adequate capacity to form sound moral judgments yet, and it’s up to you as the parent to let them know of the standards they should live by. There’s a risk that your child might become desensitized to negative behavior (such as saying bad words, talking back to parents or being wild and undisciplined) if he is regularly exposed to these. If you train your child to tell right from wrong and to maintain high standards when it comes to discipline and proper behavior, you could count on him to stay away from negative influences when he grows up.

Be active in church. Find a strong local church community so you could associate with other Godly families and give your child opportunities to be raised within a God-fearing atmosphere. Let your child volunteer at church, and make sure that he is part of a small group of Christian youths whom he is comfortable with.

Encourage your child to pray, read the Bible and reflect daily. Take every opportunity you can to pray with your entire family and to read God’s Word. Make it a habit to pray and thank God in every circumstance. Post encouraging Bible verses throughout your house, and invest in Bible books for children so your child will easily be able to access and easily comprehend God’s Word. You could also read Bible stories to your child every night. The key here is to infuse Christianity and love for God into your child’s everyday life.

Margaret Keely writes many educational and health topics. As a teacher she provides nursing education to her nursing classes, and at the same time shares her knowledge and experiences on almost all aspects of life.