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Product Description: Private Label Rights Article Packs

This site offers private label rights articles which are sold in packs to web publishers looking for top quality content for their websites or blogs. This site also sells content to offline publishers like local parenting magazines and coffee table book publishers.

Who This Product is Intended For: Those that buy from EasyPLR are website or blog owners who are interested in adding quality content to their website or blog to give added value for their readers. They are usually in the market for unique, quality content, but cannot afford to pay ghostwriters higher prices or write the content themselves. Their solution is to purchase quality PLR and edit it to become unique and their own.

Uses: You can use the PLR articles from EasyPLR for blog posts, articles in your newsletter, or to create e-courses for your auto-responder. Why not pull the articles together in a document, add graphics, and turn it into a pdf. Then, offer that pdf as a freebie to your list. You can, also create an information product, put your name on it and sell it. The uses are only limited by your imagination. This is what I like about PLR products I can make it speak me, I can add my personality. 

Pros: EasyPLR offers affordable articles. They always have many different topics to choose from. The articles are top quality, written by a paid writer, and then also edited by a second writer. You may write and/or publish Christian material, even tho there is not a lot of Christian PLR material on the market at this time, you can edit and tweak it for your audience. 

The articles can be personalized to better fit your site and you can claim them as your own. The people at EasyPLR only sell a limited amount of articles in each topic so you aren’t regurgitating the same material as everyone else. The other benefit of choosing Easy PLR is that there is no membership required. You can shop just for what you need – and get what you need without loading up on miscellaneous content.

The folks at EasyPLR also include suggested affiliate programs to monetize the PLR that you purchase. What better way to add another stream of income.

Cons: The content will not be original to you. However, unlike most PLR sites, the packs are sold in very limited quantities.

The only other negative for this site is that I can’t always find content on the topic that I’m looking for. However, the quality more than makes up for that when I can find the topic I’m looking for. One way to get around this, although you will have to wait a bit longer, is to send an email and request a certain topic. Usually, they will have an article pack written up at customer requests.

 Personal Opinion: allows me to provide my readers with quality information while saving me time (it’s available when I need it) and money (no ghostwriters or PLR memberships).


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Commission Percentage Paid to Affiliates: 50% Commission on all sales

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