Picket Signs and Sideways Glances

I've been asked a good bit recently why I get so passionate about the pro life movement. I'm not going to get into whose decision it is to abort a baby if it has terminal diseases, is a product of rape, or if the pregnancy is endangering to the mother. I am still wrapping my head around those issues. What I'm about to say is pertaining to healthy mothers choosing to abort healthy babies.

  • I don't oppose abortion because of the health risks to mothers that generally doesn't get verbalized.
  • I don't oppose abortion because of the chances that mother will have complications in later pregnancies are exponential.
  • I don't even oppose abortion solely based on the welfare of the baby or because of religious beliefs

I oppose abortion because of the devastation it leaves in its wake. I oppose abortion because of the heartache that it causes. I oppose abortion because, once a mother aborts one child, her chances of aborting more are high due to the fact she doesn't feel like a fit mother. I oppose abortion because it leave questions unanswered and pain without closure. I'm simply going off of what I have been exposed to. Every woman is different so I cannot speak for everyone, but in the past 3 years I have witnessed what abortion does to woman by watching it rip apart 4 of my dear friends through 6 separate abortions. I have seen the tears, I have held their hands, and I have seen the need.

Society is so ready to abort an infant but they are not ready to clean up after themselves. They are so eager to end a life, when in reality, they are destroying two. The Church HAS to step up. I live in a college town. There are 6 colleges/seminaries in a 30 mile radius here in Columbia, SC. Based on statistics and experience chances a every Sunday morning when I am sitting in my chair at Church I'm sitting in the same room as a woman who has had an abortion. Yet, the subject is taboo in the Church. We are afraid to talk about it. And when we do talk about it we speak in such condemnation, it's not wonder that woman are more likely to seek help from a local clinic than her local church.

So yes, I oppose abortion. I oppose the consequences, I oppose the devastation and the cavalier way life is viewed in our country. But what I oppose more is the lack of grace the Church shows. I oppose the ignoring of this subject, and the condemnation it receives. I oppose abortion, but you will never see me with a picket sign, you will never see me yelling 'baby murderer' as a physician who performs abortions, and I pray I will never look in condemnation on those who have had abortions. Why? Because, just like those infants whose lives ended, those people are men and women, created by God. They deserve respect, they deserve grace. I want to show love, I want to show grace, I want to point these women to the only One who can heal them. But I'm only one person. I can only do so much, but what if the Church, as one collected body, decided to reach out to these hurting women who are searching for help, what if we decided to reach out in love and grace? I'm just saying, if the Church, as a whole, was known for showing grace to those who have had abortions, could then, the Church not be a safe place for women to go to once they find out they are pregnant? I, personally, think that would do a lot more good that picket signs and sideways glances.

About the Author: Stephanie Brashear is a 20 year Family and Church Education major at Columbia International University. She one day plans on becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in hopes that the Lord will use her to help bring restoration to marriage and families. http://stephaniebrashear.blogspot.com/