Philip The Evangelist

Philip the Evangelist This is not the same Philip, one of the original 12 Apostles. This Philip is introduced to us in Acts 6:5. Philip being honest and full of the Holy Spirit was one of seven chosen to pass the daily share of food to the Grecian widows.

When Stephen was stoned to death the persecution period began and many of the good teachers left the city and Philip was one of them. Philip went to Samaria and due to his good success in converting the Samaritans to Christianity he is now called Philip the Evangelist.

SIDE BAR: Philip is the only one in the Bible called an Evangelist. over 15 different people called Apostles, many are called Prophets and teachers but only one Evangelist. In 2 Timothy Paul told Timothy to act like an Evangelist but didn’t call him one.

Back to the point, while in Samaria he became the Billy Gramham of Biblical times. He became very successful in converting the Samaritans to Christianity. All is about to change for Philip.

THE VISION Acts 8:26 What always bothered me about the vision is why would you take a successful Evangelist from serving many to serve just one?

Philip obeyed the Angel of the Lord in the vision and went to Gaza which is in the desert. Behold a Ethiopian eunuch with great authority under Queen Candace. Queen of the Ethiopians.

SIDE BAR: Candace wasn’t her name it’s a title of succession like Cesar or Pharaoh.

One more time let me get back to the point and since this is my condensed version it goes like this, Philip converted and baptized the eunuch in water. When they came up on the shore from the water Philip was caught up by the Lord and the Eunuch went on his way.

When the Eunuch returned, He converted the queen and the kingdom. In fact the eunuch became an Apostle for Jesus Christ and preached the whole region including Abasinia, Arabia and Ceylon where he suffered martyrdom.

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