Peace ... and Quiet

I long for peace. I am looking outside at the new fallen snow. It is so beautiful. As long as I am inside looking out. Once I have to be out on the roads it becomes ugly. That is because driving in the snow I find no peace. I am anxious and afraid. It is difficult for me to find peace in that situation. But then I think of this verse: Be Still and Know That I Am God

I have learned to quash my anxiety by being still and letting Him drive. Yes, I still have physical control of the car, however, He calms my heart and makes the trip much more peaceful. It is in that moment that I learn what peace can be.

I need to be still and listen more often. Sometimes I get caught up doing all the praying and forgetting to listen for an answer. When I get stuck on a lyric for a song I sit there and wrack my brain, when maybe I should just shut up and sit in silence for a little while. It is He who is giving me these songs anyway, right?

And so I am back to staring out the window at the new fallen snow. And I realize how still and quiet it is out there. Even the earth listens for God to speak.

Author Bio I am an ordinary wife, mom of two great kids, and Grammy to Jamie and Liam, my amazing grandkids. I love music and am passionate about the people I love. I love to travel with my family, especially my husband, who is my rock. I am also a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, and a lot of this blog will be about my adventures with God and my faith in Him. I am excited to see where He will lead me next...? You can find me on the web at