Passion Grown Through Thankfulness

Our family is blessed to be in a wonderful church. Our pastor loves the Lord and strives to bring wonderful truths to us each week. It seems, however, in the midst of this bounty, we grow stagnant. It is so easy to take our blessings for granted and just assume that it will always be this way. I think the same holds true for our children. They hear so many sermons and Bible stories that to them a Bilbe story is just another story. "I've heard all that before" kind of mentality. My heart is burdened for this because I don't want to raise Christians who don't have a passion and hunger for God. How will they view God when they're adults? I believe they will view Him based on what they have learned from me. Do they see a hunger in me? What can I do to pass down a view that says, "There is so much more to God than we think. We have only glimpsed the tip of His vastness. I can't wait to learn more!"

The Lord brought something to my mind today and I am looking forward to implementing it. Ann Voskamp challenged us to have a year of joy in 2012. And of course, the path to joy is thankfulness. It dawned on me. I need to do this with my kids! If everyday they would write down one thing that brings them joy and gratitude, their way of thinking could be shifted from "what's in it for me?" to "what do I see around me that reminds me of God's faithfulness?"

More than anything, God wants us to be thankful. In this day when everything comes so easily and we're so very spoiled, we tend to focus on ourselves. God wants us to focus on Him. We are to disciple and train our children for the Lord. I pray that this will bring them one step closer to Him.

About the Author: My name is Jennifer Barker. I love my Savior, my family, and a good book! Anything that will help me to grow more in Jesus and in my relationship with my family is right down my alley.  My blog, ASAG (Always Searching, Always Growing), is a reflection of what I learn in every day life and in my devotions. And, of course, I have to include book reviews on my blog to bring the world of wonderful books to your doorstep! Or, should I say, to your computer screen?